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Giant USB Duplicator!

Wow, check out this gizmo that duplicated up to 20 USB Flash drives at one time! These days, with so many people carrying their 4GB flash drives on their neck, keychain, etc…etc…, these Giant USB Duplicators can be useful for companies trying to promote their businesses.

(For example, you could put a 4 Gigabytes of company presentations, videos, documents, etc…etc… so your clients can carry it in their pocket instead of giving them a CD, which are just way too out

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Download Windows Movie Maker for your illegal Windows XP, Vista, whatever!

When your computer dies and you don’t have a backup disk of your official Windows that came with your computer, you do have to resort to other ways such as installing an illegal copy of Windows XP. Well, that’s what I had to do since I do have an official license but no disks that came with my computer.

Well, I use Windows Movie Maker to make most of my videos and it’s a great video software that doesn’t break down.

I try to download it from my illegal version of Windows but I have to do a “Windows Update”

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DIY HACK – HOWTO Upgrade (or downgrade) from Vista to Windows XP!

(Your computer will be faster and more reliable using Windows XP vs. Vista)

After testing out Windows Vista on one of my 6 PCs laying around my apartment, I finally decided it was time to scrap Vista for Windows XP.

Well, it turns out my HP a6040n desktop I bought off the shelf at Fry’s sucked at downgrading to XP. Why?

You go to HP’s driver downloads and they don’t

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DIY HACK – HOWTO Make Windows XP Look Like Fedora Linux!

I’ve been always a big fan of Linux, (although I am stuck with Windows XP most of the time because all my apps are on there…but I did use Linux before with 3 VMs running Windows to solve that problem.) here’s a cool way to make your Windows XP “look” like Fedora.

Another simple way? Delete Windows and install Fedora. Lol…

What about you Linux fans? Do you have all things linux at home, but at your day job you are

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