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Windows XP Hack – How to Downgrade to Windows XP When You Get BSOD(Blue Screen of Death) on Boot-up!

Recently, my old Acer Aspire X3200 that I’ve bought couple months back needed to be installed with Windows XP because it had more power and memory than my current HP desktop, which is REALLY OLD!  I used to have a Ubuntu on it (because I gave up installing Windows XP before) but I finally figured out how to install Windows.

The problem was mainly because my old Windows XP CD doesn’t include the new SATA harddrive drivers for installation, which the Acer Aspire X3200 comes with.

I found that the Acer Aspire X3200 uses an integrated Nvidia card which include

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CPU Hack – How to your Control your Computer/Laptop CPU Speed!

Recently, I fixed my old HP laptop that had a CPU overheating problem.  I even replaced the CPU fan with a new one but still, the HP laptop keeps freezing because the AMD Turion 64 CPU on it was simply poorly designed as far as heating problems were concerned.

However I did find a great free software that solved my problems and also helps on desktop PCs too.  This might be the best free tool ever for Windows XP/Vista users yet.

The free CPU management software is called Notebook Hardware Control (NHC).  It runs on most laptops/

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Windows XP Hack – How to Hack XP Admin Password!

There’s many times where you might have to hack your own Windows XP computer because your computer either got hacked or lost your admin password for some reason.  Here’s a free program that you can download and burn it as a CD to hack out your admin password.

Windows_XP_Admin_Hack.zip Windows_XP_Admin_Hack.rar

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XP Hack – How to Downgrade from Windows Vista to XP!

Believe it or not, my favorite OS is still Windows XP.  I have a secret setup that allows me to get no viruses nor spyware.  Well, I can’t tell you that but here’s another tip on how to downgrade from Windows Vista to XP.  (I’ve mentioned last time how to do it but this is if that doesn’t work.)

Yes, your computer will be more reliable with XP if you are on a PC.  LMAO. :p

When PC starts press F2 to go into ‘Setup’ Options. Go t

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Wireless DIY – How to Set Up WPA2 Network!

For those of you wireless tinkers who need the best in wifi security, ComputerWorld has a great guide on how to set up WPA2 network.  I think this is a great way to “secure” your wifi network, especially since it’s already been proven even WPA can be cracked easily. – link

Step 1: Windows OS: First make sure your operating system is up to date. If you are running Windows XP, you’ll need service pack 2 and you’ll need to download the WPA2 pat

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Windows 7 Hack – How to Run Windows 7 in XP Mode!

Clearly, if you have to run a “virtual” Windows XP on Windows 7, it’s probably simply better to use Windows XP like me, the *middle-adaptor way.

*Middle-adaptor is someone who is between early-adaptor and stubborn people.

But if you must run Windows 7 and tinker with another Microsoft’s junky OS, you can also install Virtual Windows XP, so they will run all of your Windows XP software.

Pointless huh? Microsoft should just start selling XP instead of all the new junk that doesn’t work or even better, make XP better/faster.

It’s lik

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RedBox DVD Machine runs Windows XP!

Probably the funniest thing in the world is that every Apple Store uses a Windows CE device in their stores and even Apple employees agree that’s something Apple cannot do, or dive into the industrial computing world that is.

Windows Vista might suck a lot but I still do have feelings for Windows XP and looks like Redbox DVD rental machines do use XP as evidenced in this spy shot. (via engadget)

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Netbook Hack – How to Make your Favorite Apps Run Faster on a Netbook with Win XP!

Here’s a simple hack that will let your favorite apps run faster on your netbook with Windows XP.  (I think it also works with Vista too or your desktop but mainly, it would make a difference in a netbook since netbooks don’t have powerful CPUs)

My firefox has been slowing down on my netbook but you can make it run faster on your netbook simply by going to Windows Task Manager->right click on the app you want to speed up such as Firefox->then set it to higher than “normal”.

This simple hack would be pivotal for efficient netbook computing so try

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CUPC-P80 – Developmental UMPC?

Here’s another cool device CuPC-P80, a sorta developmental UMPC, it almost reminds me of a PSP with Windows XP loaded on it.

This device runs on 12VDC, which means it can easily be hooked up to your car, I see a lot of potential using it as in-car PC.  Just hook up some USB GPS and broadband modem and you got a mobile station right there on your car.

This CuPC-P80 runs AMD Geode LX800 500Mhz processor, 512MB of DDR, and 4GB of Flash harddrive.

It also comes with bunch of

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How To Use Windows XP Hacks and Tricks

This video will teach you how to do some basic Windows XP hacking. There are some great tips for pulling OS pranks on your college roommate. This video tutorial goes over some tricks and hacks you can use if you run Windows XP. Cause the system shutdown window to come up, change the text in the Start menu button, and more. Watch this how-to video and learn how to use tricks and hacks on Windows XP.

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