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Windows Hack – How to Change Resolution at the Click of a Button! [HotKey][Free Software]

For those of you on netbooks or laptops that for some reason you want to change the resolution on it like a mad dog, there’s a free software for that. (download HotKey Resolution Changer here)  It’s only for Windows but basically it’s a macro/hot-key program that will let you switch between resolutions like hotcakes, only for those of you very disturbed.

Just kidding, this actually works well for people with multiple monitor setups because Windows doesn’t let you set resolutions for multiple monitors separately.

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Windows XP Hack – How to Downgrade to Windows XP When You Get BSOD(Blue Screen of Death) on Boot-up!

Recently, my old Acer Aspire X3200 that I’ve bought couple months back needed to be installed with Windows XP because it had more power and memory than my current HP desktop, which is REALLY OLD!  I used to have a Ubuntu on it (because I gave up installing Windows XP before) but I finally figured out how to install Windows.

The problem was mainly because my old Windows XP CD doesn’t include the new SATA harddrive drivers for installation, which the Acer Aspire X3200 comes with.

I found that the Acer Aspire X3200 uses an integrated Nvidia card which include

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HACk – Use msconfig to make your Windows boot up way faster!


Here’s a cool hack that you can use to make your Windows boot up faster using the built-in msconfig command.

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Boot your Windows PC faster by disabling the splash screen


Now you can boot up your computer faster and also disable the annoying Windows splash screen at the same time!

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HACK – Unlock Windows XP Password without any Programs!


Again, here’s another hack for your Windows XP password hacking pleasures when you forget your password!

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HACK – Unlock Windows XP Password!


Nice hack for IT Administrators when people leave your company. I’ve had the same experience and this seems very useful.

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TOP 4 Windows Tips: Part 1


Some cool windows tips.

TIPS: Resize images in Windows with Right Click, Remove Arrows from Shortcuts, Show On-Screen Keyboard, Quick Log-Off

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