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PSP Hack – How to Turn your PSP into a Second Monitor for your PC!


Here’s a cool PSP Hack that shows you how to turn your PSP into a second monitor for your Windows XP-equipped PC.


    Windows application, drivers, etc. Download the installer below and execute it. When it comes to the display driver installation, Windows will warn you that the driver is unsigned, let the setup program install it anyway. After setup has finished, open your display settings and enable the new monitor then move it to the position you like. Connect your PSP and copy the files from the “psp&

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Google Media Server bridges the gap between Google and your TV!

Google has just announced their new Google Media Server, which supposedly bridges the gap between Google and your TV or any UPnP devices such as PS3.

It looks like a great way to organize your media files in your PC, especially if you are displaying them to your TV or simply want to access them from your PS3, XBOX, whatever.

Google Media Server is a Windows application that aims t

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