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How to Enable Telnet in Windows 7!

Windows XP and previous Windows had telnet working out of the box. Well for those of you who need telnet in Windows 7, it’s pretty easy to do, you just need to enable it under Start->Control Panel->Programs And Features->Turn Windows features on or off then hit Telnet Client and OK.

After that, you should be able to run telnet under command prompt just fine.

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How to Monitor TCP/IP in Windows 7!

For those of you wondering how to monitor TCP/IP connections in Windows 7, there’s a free, open-source program called CurrPorts (download here) you can use to monitor everything that’s going on with your network. Sometimes the default tools on Windows 7 isn’t enough, especially if you computer has been compromised by spyware or malware (which could alter the Windows 7 task manager to not show themselves).

Using some kind TCP/IP sniffing software such

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Windows 7 Hack – How to Find the Right Drivers for your Windows 7!

The other day I was installing Windows 7 on two of my friend’s older laptops.  I got Windows 7 installed fine but was having trouble finding the right display and audio drivers.

I found that manufacturers such as HP like to make their audio drivers almost impossible to find by re-naming their audio drivers to HP’s proprietary names.   These can make it harder when HP’s support site only provide drivers for Windows XP.

Of course, don’t forget that most Windows Vista drivers will work with Windows 7 in my experience.  So before following this g

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VirtualBox Hack – How to Share Folders on Ubuntu!

For those of you running Ubuntu under VirtualBox like me, you might want to know how to share folders between your host OS and Ubuntu.

It’s pretty simple, just go to Devices->Shared Folders, then add a shared folder like I did above with my D:\ drive on my host Windows 7 and named it “shared”.

Next, make a directory called /share:

sudo mkdir /share

mount it using the command:

sudo mount -t vboxsf share /share

Remember you can change /share in the above command to the any folder name you designated when you have a

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VirtualBox Hack – How to Make Capture Host Key and Keyboards Work Seamlessly with Windows!

Recently, I’ve installed Ubuntu over VirtualBox on my Windows 7 computer because I love using Linux command prompt and SSH, which something can’t be done on Windows 7.  You can go into SSH shell but you can’t do anything like transferring files natively to Windows 7 file system.

Well, i ran into a problem of the capture host key not working properly.  I found out it was because I have a Korean keyboard setup on my Windows 7.

Here’s an easy way to get around it, install scim-bridge-client-qt like this:

sudo apt-get install scim-bridge-cl

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Win7 Hack – How to Use Windows 7 Shortcut Keys for Landscape/Vertical Mode!

I just stumbled onto this really cool Windows 7 shortcut key.  In Windows 7, you can rotate your screen very easily in any direction, just try these keys:

Ctrl+ Alt + Left Arrow – Rotate screen Landscape left

Ctrl+ Alt + Right Arrow – Rotate screen Landscape right

Ctrl+ Alt + Down Arrow – Rotate screen Horizontal (Upside Down)

Ctrl+ Alt + Up Arrow – Rotate screen Horizontal (Normal)

These shortcuts would work really well for touchscreen tablets I guess or for some reason you need to quickly show something on your laptop whi

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VMWare DIY – How to Run Ubuntu with Windows 7 in “Unity” mode!

Couple years back, actually exactly 5 years ago, I used to use Linux as my main operating system while Windows XP ran in VMWare Linux.  Well, those days are over because I feel that Windows simply runs slowly inside Linux.  But the other way works, you can always run Ubuntu inside Windows, I think that’s a better way to go if you need both operating systems in one computer.

Today I saw that on HowToGeek.com that there’s a “unity” mode in VMWare that

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Windows 7 DIY – Top 5 Windows 7 Essential HOWTOs!

1) Learn how to make all your gadgets play nice with Windows 7!

One of the things I was impressed with Windows 7 is its connectivity with digital cameras, all your photos/videos stored get separately and you can “tag” them, which is cool.  You can read all about how to make Windows 7 play well with all your gadgets on Gizmodo.

2) How to Install Windows 7 from USB!

For those of you who still are on Windows XP or have a netbook like me that doesn’t come with an opti

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Windows 7 DIY – How to Turn your Windows 7 Into a Router! [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Connectify is a free Windows 7 software that lets you turn your Windows 7 into a WiFi hotspot.  Of course, there’s other more complicated ways of doing this but I think this is the simplest and since the software is free, this could be a great way to make your hotel wired internet into WiFi for everyone in your family.

Or if you have a spare computer and you “still” don’t have WiFi in your house, this could be a good option while also turning your spare computer into a network storage.

You might

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Windows 7 Hack – How to Speed up Your Windows 7

Guys over at Windows 7 Forums just alerted me on their new article on how to speed up your Windows 7, read it to speed up your Windows 7!  Most of it are basics but then, basics are everything so…

Btw, you should really be using 64-bit Windows 7, I think it’s just better unless you are on a limited netbook.

What I learned from the article, SSDs can make your Win 7 run faster:

Using a Solid State Drive is going to provide a performance boost in almost all Windows 7 applications, especially when it comes to boot times. SSD’s have no moving parts and

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