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Windows 7 DIY – Top 5 Windows 7 Essential HOWTOs!


1) Learn how to make all your gadgets play nice with Windows 7!

One of the things I was impressed with Windows 7 is its connectivity with digital cameras, all your photos/videos stored get separately and you can “tag” them, which is cool.  You can read all about how to make Windows 7 play well with all your gadgets on Gizmodo.

2) How to Install Windows 7 from USB!

For those of you who still are on Windows XP or have a netbook like me that doesn’t

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Windows 7 DIY – How to Run 1680×1050 in Windows 7!

To run 1680×1050 resolution (which is typical of 20″ and 22″ LCDs) on your Windows 7, you will need to connect your LCD via an HDMI/DVI cable.

If your computer has HDMI output, you can get this HDMI to DVI cable.  If your computer has DVI output, then simply connect DVI to your LCD. (you can get DVI to DVI cable here

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