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RV DIY – How to Go Green with RVs!

Here’s some great tips on how to save money and energy if you are into RVs and cross-country driving:

1. Try a diesel-powered RV model such as the BioTrekker, which is powered by the more fuel efficient and less costly biodiesel.

2. Convert an existing model to biodiesel via a kit. Biodiesel kits can be found online or via a green RV dealer.

Q: Don’t you need a special biodiesel engine to run it? A: No. B100 (100 percent biodiesel) will run in most diesel engines with little or no modifications. B20 (20 percent biodiesel) will run in any diesel engine without mo

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New AeroCam Wind Turbine breaks $1 Per Watt Cost Barrier!

Supposedly, these new AeroCam wind turbines are more efficient than ever and you can put them on the roof of your house for the most efficient wind electricity production ever.  If you can afford the high price tag of $250,000 USD for a 250kW system, it might be well worth your money than getting sola

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StatoilHydro is building world’s first Floating Wind Turbine!

StatoilHydro is set to launch a full scale floating wind turbine that will open up a ocean-size opportunity of generating energy through wind.

A 2.3Mw wind turbine is attached to a Spar-buoy, similar to offshore loading buoys used in offshore gas mining.

The blades on the floating wind turbines will have diameter of 80 meters, rise 65 meters above sea surface, and also the floatation element will be 100 meters below the sea level anchored by 3 differ

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Parrallel Wind Turbine!

Check out this awesome parrallel wind turbine that can generate easy 200 watts at 20mph wind!  Pretty simple concept but well executed with patent pending too.

An easy 200 watts in about a 20 mph wind or so, lighting the four 50 watt car headlight bulbs you see at Doug’s feet. We get much more power than this in higher winds. This kind of

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DIY – How to Build a Savonius Wind Turbine or VAWT to make electricity

Ooooohhhh, check this out if you are into making alternative energy.

This is my project to make a semi compact wind turbine that can handle turbulant wind and generate enough power to charge deep cycle batteries. I will cover the rotor construction in the instructable. You will need to download my PDF for the whole project.


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