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400 Watt Wind Generator for Your Home!

If your house gets a lot of wind, (let’s say for example you live near the beach) you might benefit from installing these 400-watt wind generators to power your 12V garden gadgets.

For do-it-yourselfers, this is a perfect wind generator to get started on re-using the free wind power that’s floating around your home.

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Skateboard DIY – How to Make a Propeller Powered Skateboard!

Well, you thought this wasn’t possible but it is!  It’s a propeller powered skateboard that will propel you forward with the use of wind-power.  Now, I’d like to see this concept applied to snowboards, that might kick start a new sport called “cross-country snowboarding”.


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Re-cap from Keetsa Eco-Friendly Blog!

Here’s a quick re-cap of interesting science and technology posts from our Keetsa Eco-Friendly Blog this week:

Solar-powered bike Cycle Sol may allow bikers to re-use the power of the sun.  Portable Eco-Frienldy Fridges are really neat idea.  Here’s a commercial

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Eco-Friendly Wind Powered Toy Car!

There’s has been no better time than today to learn about saving energy with the eco-friendly wind powered toy car.  We suggest you to get one for your child for the best learning experience.  Actually, I might get one myself it’s so cool…

(Picture of the race car charging)

Video of the wind-powered car in action:


This new educational kit lets you explore the mechanisms involved in harnessing t

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Firewinder is an Outdoor Lighting that runs on Wind Power!

Wow, here’s a cool firewinder outdoor lighting that runs on pure wind power!

Firewinder® is a sculpturally designed outdoor light, which harnesses the wind no matter from which direction it blows creating a beautiful upward spiralling light – every time the wind blows.

via ohgizmo


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