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Sonoro Black Elements W Internet FM Radio + iPod/iPhone Dock!

You might have noticed this cool Sonoro Alarm Clock/Internet FM radio unit at your latest W Hotel stay.  Well, these are really cool, stylish devices that lets you listen to your favorite internet radio while being able to function as a traditional FM alarm clock/radio too.

The internal WiFi antenna embedded within the Black Elements W Internet FM Radio connects to internet via your home/office WiFi to bring you the best of internet radio without turning on your computer or messing with iTunes and WinAm

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Gmail Hack – How to Store and Play MP3 Files on Gmail!

Here’s a no-brainer hack I posted on my Zedomax.Net blog that explains how GMail can be used for MP3 file storage and player:

(Of course, we might start seeing some software hackers take advantage over this and actually stream live MP3 Files to their iPhone/iPod Touch, great idea!)

Even better, you could open a separate GMail account just for your MP3s….wow what would happen if Google actually built this further to “sync” wit

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Wii DIY HACK – Control music on your PC with the Wiimote

Yes, you can control music on your PC with your Wiimote if you get really really bored…

This app allows users to use their Wiimote to control iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, and Napster. It offers many functions, such as Play/Pause, Next/Prev track, Volume Up/Down. Any function can be mapped to any button. Plus the motion sensing is used. Shake the Wiimote to the right to go to Next Track.

Take a look and download the application here

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Cool Winamp MP3 Player

I was browsing through TechEBlog’s article, 5 MP3 Players You can’t buy and found this neato winamp mp3 player. And yes, I do agree, that it’s priceless to have something like it. Although it would be really cool to make a tiny version of it with touch-screen interface.

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