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Mobile WiMax Wave 2 tested for live HD streaming!

SKtelecom, the biggest telecommunications in Korea who also runs Cyworld, has just finished testing Mobile WiMax Wave 2 for HD live streaming.  They have successfully streamed a full length HD quality movie.

Theorectically, the new WiMax Wave 2 is capable of 37.44Mbps download speeds and 10.08Mbps upload speeds.

In the test, a 700MB movie file was downloaded within just 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Using MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology, WiMax Wave 2 sup

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WiMax video from “last year”…


Here’s another video demonstrating online game playing at a “park” using WiMax broadband service, something you can’t do currently with even the fastest Sprint CDMA network…

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A ride around Seoul in a WiBro equipped bus


Here’s a video demonstration of WiMax, or WiBro they call it in Korea from 2006…  Sprint will be rolling out with the WiMax in the U.S. soon. (hopefully)

We(Americans) are about 2-3 years behind the WiMax and cellular data technology.  darn it…

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Nokia 8800 Arte – For Show and no Go!


Well, I have to tell you the truth now. The truth? I did get to test all the Nokia 8800 series at the Nokia booth couple weeks ago at Web 2.0 Expo 2008.

The reason why I didn’t post my pics or videos is partly I didn’t have time to and also because the web browsers on the new Nokia are so horrible. They are not even recommended for any kind of web browsi

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iPhone 2.0 coming soon… with 100 million dollars for app developers!

Lol… check out iPhone’s counter-attack on Google 10 million dollar prizes to Android developers.

Who will win? Definitely, iPhone is way ahead as far as technology and Google’s simply chippin’ away to their new venture.

The only thing I hope for? That, Apple gets their bandwidths straight and start getting on CDMA networks or even better, WiMax.

With all the telecommunications companies profiting off old outdated technologies in the US, WiMax might still be years away but at least somebody is trying.


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Samsung UMPC with WiMAX

Like this new UMPC? Maybe not. But WiMAX (officially termed IEEE 802.16e) is a technology we won’t see in the US for another 3 to 5 years. Why? Because all the telephone networks companies are still making lots of money selling old technology. (Well, that’s the way it’s always here…)

Why am I fretting about this? Because companies like Samsung have been making t

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Cingular vs. Sprint – HSDPA vs. EDVO

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately after my HTC 8125 broke, but it came back to life about a week later.

Since my HTC 8125 is so slow, I had to find a new phone that was FAST. I went to all the stores with demo phones including Cingular, Verizon, Sprint, and didn’t really bother going to T-mobile. Anyways, some of the Cingular stores had these

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