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Wii Hack – How to Make Wii Remote work in Ubuntu!

Here’s a cool Wii hack that some of you Ubuntu hackers might want to do, how to make Wiimote work in Ubuntu.  As a Ubuntu user myself, this could come handy if you are thinking of making your own Ubuntu/Wiimote multi-touch device.

Open up a terminal (Applications –> Accessories –> Terminal) and enter the following command

sudo aptitude install wminput wmgui lswm

Next, we need to find the bluetooth device address of your Wii remote, this will allow you to connect to y

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I lost my Car Keys!

Well, I lost my car keys last night and had a tough time inventing my own coathanger door opener without success but I did write some blog posts:

WhiteBoard Idea – How to Make a Website!

How to Scoop Icecream with Chinese Spoon!

Wii Remote Hacks by Johnny Lee (This guy is amazing, I wanna go make that

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Wii Hack — How to make a Theremin

Ken Moore figured out how to use a Wii remote, a computer and a synth to make a theremin — the spacey instrument used in the Star Trek theme. He also shows you how to do it yourself.

If you dig the theremin sound, be sure to check out the band Iqu

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Wii Accessories – Wii Infrared Laser Magnum Gun!

Now, here’s a cool infrared laser magnum gun for playing shooting games on Wii.

Product Features

* Magnum Gun for Wii * Infrared Laser * Authentic Feel * Compatible with Wii Remote * Lightweight

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Improved Motion Sensing for Wii Controller with Wii MotionPlus!

Nintendo just announced their new improved motion sensing module called Wii MotionPlus that you can plug into an existing Wii controller.

Nintendo’s upcoming Wii MotionPlus accessory for the revolutionary Wii Remote controller again redefines game control, by more quickly and accurately reflecting motions in a 3-D space. The Wii MotionPlus accessory attaches to the end of the Wii Remote and, combined with the accelerometer and th

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Wii HACK – Industrial Robot with Wiimote!


Remember the industrial robot that could swing that big ass arm? Well, here’s another one but is more sensitive for precise control.

This is a small presentation of a university project I have worked on for the last 6 months. Using a real-time system the orientation of the Wii Remote is polled and sent to the Stäubli TX 60 industrial robot. The concept is stolen from a game named Kororinpa but the graphics are little more r

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GOMY DIY – How to Make a Nintendo Wii Mario Kart Training Wheel!


We decided to call DIYs like this GOMY DIYs. (Got too much time On My Hands DIY)

Neverthless, great idea, well executed in just couple pictures.

The Wii Wheel was supposed to make racing easy enough for anyone to jump right into a session of Mario Kart Wii with no prior experience with either traditional game controllers or the Wii Remote. When used properly, it works as expected. The trouble is that it’s not always used properly. Watching your parents try to get through Wario’s

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The Chief Cook Robot Knows how to make an Omelette!

Lol, here’s a cute robot that learns handmovements very fast and can make an Omelette!

By manipulating HOAP-3’s hands, its trainers can show it how to whip eggs, cut ham and toss it in a bowl, and grate cheese. Instead of simply memorizing the movements, the ‘bot generalizes the actions and is able to identify when to properly use them. It’ll also speak as it learns, and let researchers know what it’s doing. If HOAP-3 has any questions, the team uses a remote (or in this case,

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Wii HACK – Christmas Wii-remote xmms hack

[gv data=”W534DhzufrM”][/gv]

Cool XMMS hack for linux or ubuntu users using the wii remote! The funny thing is he doesn’t even own a Wii console, just the Wii remote! Well, we’d probably give it some good hacks if we just had some Wii remotes too. Two thumbs up for doing XMMS on Ubuntu!

But I don’t own a Wii console. So I hacked away in linux and got it to control my xmms mp3 player. All buttons except power button work as follows:


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