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Wii HACK – Woomba, Wii controller + Roomba!

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More nice Wii hacks! wiipee!

Also check out all the other Wii hacks on zedomax if you haven’t yet.

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Wii HACK – Wiimote + FlightGear = Ultimate Flight Simulator?


Remember we made a sixaxis controller for PC the other day? Well here’s a cool one using wii controller and a Linux flight simulator, tight!



Nintendo Wii HACK – Streaming Content from Orb

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Here’s a cool little hack for streaming some media from mycast.orb.com.

Here is a video showing the features of mycast.orb.com on Nintendo Wii’s Opera Browser. It Streams Recorded TV, Internet Radio, Music, and Divx. … (more)


Wii HACK – Wii Drum Machine

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Nicely done Wii drum machine hack!

Bob Somers managed to turn a Wiimote into a drum machine using this custom script and GlovePIE. Video after the jump.

Now if you could just get two Wiimotes running at the same time, along with some sort of foot switch mechanisms for the kick drum and hi-hat, you’d hav

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Wii HACK – Wiimote RC-Car Control

[gv data=”http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=2581645410431075627&hl=en” width=”670″ height=”400″][/gv]

Some guy in Austria Australia hacked the wiimote to work with his RC car. Nice job dude!

All you need seams to be a different bluetooth stack than the original windows bluetooth stack. So I just purchased the BlueSoleil Stack which works perfect for me (its cheap, around 10 Eur).

To connect the wiimote you just have

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PS3 HACK using Wiimote!

Here’s a cool hack that allows users to use Nintendo Wii controller with the PS3 as a pointing device. Although we cannot give it two thumbs up as it uses Linux for the PS3 in order to use the Wii controller, we are sure someone will probably come up with a native hack for the PS3 soon.

Sony may have called the

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Wii HACK – Nintendo Wii combo Component/Composite Cable

Nice Nintendo Wii hack for people who need this hack…bookmark it!

The Nintendo Wii ships with a composite video cable that is capable of 480i resolution. Currently first party component cables, which allow for 480p resolution, are available through retailers and directly from Nintendo. However, when attaching the component cables, one loses the ability to output composite video. Why is this an issue? Well, it may be that y

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WII Hack – Google Earth interface for Wii remote.

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Cool nice little hack for google earth!

If air drumming or imaginary light sabers aren’t your thing, then perhaps the familiar territory of Google Earth will be enough to get you to pull your Wiimote away from Zelda long enough to run a few scripts on your PC. There’s nothing too complicated going on here, with just

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Use Wiimote to Control MacBook!

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Tight ass hack for using wii controller for your macbook!


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Wii hack – Power Glove

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Somebody in Japan hacked up this wii power glove, awesome!


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