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Wii HACK – Wiimote Door Unlocker


Here’s a cool Wii HACK someone made that unlocks a door! It uses FreeBSD, some type of bluetooth device, and Wiimote to make it a complete system. I bet you can use less parts. Will someone hack one again soon?



WiiHelm – Wii Helmet


Your neck might hurt and you might have to go see a chiropractor after using the WiiHelm but at least you can be lazy and sit on your buttocks…

The Nintendo Wii has surely revolutionized gaming as we know it. Rabid fanboys everywhere are now flailing their arms in delight as they wield the Wiimote as a tennis racket, baseball bat or sword. Problem is the average gaming geek is just not up to the strenuous task of vigorous arm movement for longer than 10 minutes. This makes those extended play

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Wii HACK – Wii Loop Machine

Here’s a neat little Wii HACK that uses the Wiimote as a Loop Machine for re-mixing some music. Kinda love this one since it’s got some good music too.

This weekend I finished the Wii Loop Machine software that I started a few weeks ago. It’s a system for using the wireless Wii remote to sync, control, and manipulate loops in real time.


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Nintendo Wii HACK – Wiimote to MIDI!


Check out this cool wii hack that allows you to use wii controller as a Midi controller!

This is very similar to the Wii guitar but you could probably do more with midi.

Thanks crustea for the tip!

In addition to the traditional buttons, force feedback and the integrated mini-speaker, the true innovation is the presence of a gravity and acceleration sen

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Wii HACK – Wii on iPod!


Check out this Wii hack, someone got a Nintendo Wii to play on iPod!

Just playing some Wii… on my 60GB iPod. Basically in a nutshell I just rewired my dock with the lightbar from the Wii. Then running linux and a app that I installed on the iPod, enabled it for live video stream via the 30pin dock connector (ie. instead of video out I can have video in) Then with a few splicing of the composite video connectors and some electrical tape to convert it to the S-Video jack on the back of the dock. The audio was passed through to a

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Wii HACK – Wiimote Controlled Robot


Here’s a simple but a cool hack on controlling a LEGO robot arm using the Nintendo Wii controller!

Make sure to check out the industrial robot arm controlled by Wiimote also!


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Wii HACKING – Wii steering wheel!

Okay, here’s a great idea for making your wii controller into a Wii steering wheel if you don’t want to get too excited and break your nice 60″ HDTV by throwing you wii controller into it for some car video games.

via mydigitallife

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Nintendo Wii Hacked – CUSTOM Built Wii Laptop!


Yes, take a Nintendo Wii and put some creativity with some work to get a custom built wii laptop!

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Wii Hack – Playing backups

[gv data=”UKkbxCEzYJw”][/gv]

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Wii HACK – Christmas Wii-remote xmms hack

[gv data=”W534DhzufrM”][/gv]

Cool XMMS hack for linux or ubuntu users using the wii remote! The funny thing is he doesn’t even own a Wii console, just the Wii remote! Well, we’d probably give it some good hacks if we just had some Wii remotes too. Two thumbs up for doing XMMS on Ubuntu!

But I don’t own a Wii console. So I hacked away in linux and got it to control my xmms mp3 player. All buttons except power button work as follows:


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