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Wii Hack – How to Make a DIY Wii “Shoe” Controller!

For those of you who want a full-fledge Wii “Shoe” Controller, there is a way, just stick some parts off the Wii Balance Board onto your shoe.

Computers are becoming an ever increasing part of modern life and gaming is a large part of this, being used

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Wii Hack – DIY WiiMote over Bluetooth on iPhone Game-App!


In case you’ve missed it, here’s a cool hack involving a WiiMote playing an iPhone game-app over bluetooth! – via hackedgadgets

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Linux/Wii Hack – How to Use Wiimote with Linux!

Here’s another great linux/wii hack that alows you to use a Wiimote with linux games.  The author uses a linux HTPC which projects HD onto his wall using a projector, thus using Wiimote as control device not only a necessity, it also allowed protectiong against damages to expensive HDTVs.

When I had to decide on a remote control for it, it didn’t take me long to see a wii-mote would be ideal. It is wireless, has enough buttons to make movie control

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Wii DIY HACK – Using your Wiimote to measure your car’s acceleration!

Although this is an awesome Wii hack using GlovePie and the Wiimote, you could probably do this a lot easier using a simple 3-axis accelerometer and a microcontroller.

I got this idea after seeing some physics class use the wiimote in some kinda pendulum experiment.

Why not use the wiimote’s built in 3-axis accelerometers to measue g-forces, acceleration and even calculate

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Wii HACK – Wiimote Door Unlocker


Here’s a cool Wii HACK someone made that unlocks a door! It uses FreeBSD, some type of bluetooth device, and Wiimote to make it a complete system. I bet you can use less parts. Will someone hack one again soon?


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WiiHelm – Wii Helmet


Your neck might hurt and you might have to go see a chiropractor after using the WiiHelm but at least you can be lazy and sit on your buttocks…

The Nintendo Wii has surely revolutionized gaming as we know it. Rabid fanboys everywhere are now flailing their arms in delight as they wield the Wiimote as a tennis racket, baseball bat or sword. Problem is the average gaming geek is just not up to the strenuous task of vigorous arm movement for longer than 10 minutes. This makes those extended play

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Wii HACK – Wii Controller LED Mod

Here’s some more cool LED mods for your wii controller.

Here is a simple way to jazz up your Wii classic controller with some LEDs.

“Classic Controller LED mod this mod is for puting led under the sticks

What you’ll need: one classic Controller A Triwing Screwdriver wire snippers or scissors two 3mm LED in your choice

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Wii HACK – Wii Loop Machine

Here’s a neat little Wii HACK that uses the Wiimote as a Loop Machine for re-mixing some music. Kinda love this one since it’s got some good music too.

This weekend I finished the Wii Loop Machine software that I started a few weeks ago. It’s a system for using the wireless Wii remote to sync, control, and manipulate loops in real time.


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Wii HACK – Solar powered Wii!

Wow, check out this cool solar powered Wii!

Tom’s Hardware Guide recently built a mobile Wii station, complete with an HD monitor, that’s powered in part by a solar energy (check out the Tom’s Workshop video of the project). It’s a simple invention on many levels. For one, it didn’t cost much at all to find a battery, power converter and appropriately-sized solar power panel. And the station itself is just wood with a couple of wheels and a co

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Nintendo Wii HACK – Wiimote to MIDI!


Check out this cool wii hack that allows you to use wii controller as a Midi controller!

This is very similar to the Wii guitar but you could probably do more with midi.

Thanks crustea for the tip!

In addition to the traditional buttons, force feedback and the integrated mini-speaker, the true innovation is the presence of a gravity and acceleration sen

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