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DIY Wii Ghostbuster Gun Controller!

Ghostbusters is probably right up there on my list of 80s movies I enjoyed as a kid.  Well, someone has decided hack up their own DIY Wii Ghostbuster gun that’s actually functional and yes, I would like one too for my Wii Ghostbuster game.

Boy, I love the interwebs when I see cool stuff like this, especially it’s raining like hell here in San Francisco…

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DIY Wii Spray Can looks and works better than a Wii Controller!

Tired of your good ol’ Wii controller? Try making it look like a spray can.

Wiispray aims to give sprayers all the tools of a real-life spraycan with a digital extension. This neat gadget could open the concept of a digital spraycan to a wide audience. The virtual spraycan simulates real spraying characteristics and comes with a range of different caps and of course paints. Collaborative spraying on a virtual wall is planned as well.

[via make

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Improved Motion Sensing for Wii Controller with Wii MotionPlus!

Nintendo just announced their new improved motion sensing module called Wii MotionPlus that you can plug into an existing Wii controller.

Nintendo’s upcoming Wii MotionPlus accessory for the revolutionary Wii Remote controller again redefines game control, by more quickly and accurately reflecting motions in a 3-D space. The Wii MotionPlus accessory attaches to the end of the Wii Remote and, combined with the accelerometer and th

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DIY HACK – More PC controller like Wii controller and PS3 6 axis!

Another wii controller type device for PC hacked!

Ages ago, I was toying with the idea of making a DIY in-air PC mouse, and had designed it in my mind. A few days ago I saw the Wii-remote bluetooth PC controller hack and thought that it was good time to throw together my own version. As shown on http://wiihacks.blogspot.com/ the Wii remote has been utilized as a bluetooth remote for the PC/Laptop. My version isn’t as g

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Preview of Upcoming Zedomax DIY – Make your own PC 6 Axis controller like the PS3 6 Axis controller!

UPDATE: Check out Zedomax DIY121 for complete HOWTOs and more!


Today, I was able to get a sneak preview of 6 Axis PC USB controller made by Garrett from scratch. It looks really cool, kinda like the Nintendo Wii controller and the PS3 controller. He used a CUBLOC 405 module, accel

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Poor Man’s Choice of Game – Wii, half price and double the fun over PS3

Nintendo Wii is definitely more fun than PS3, it has a lot more user activity going on than a simple joystick. Even though the PS3 does have its 6-axis controller, Nintendo Wii can be bought for half the price for double the fun.

Even Sony states that there are going to make the

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