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Wibro Egg (4G MiFi) Launched in South Korea!

WiBro Egg, a wifi-tethering device using WiBro (which is like 4G WiMax pretty much), has been launched in South Korea.   Think of it as the MiFi device, except it’s about 10 times faster.

According to the test reports, it’s doing about 8Mbps down and 4Mbps up, not too shabby.

I know Sprint already has a “giant” 4G hotspot device, hopefully they will be adding smaller ones like this later this year.

Here’s a demo video of the device (in Korean):



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Palm Pre Hack – How To Tether USB Modem out of your Palm Pre!


Well, I’ve gone a little Palm Pre crazy over the weekend, using it as my new WiFi Hotspot.  It turns out the My Tether app I used yesterday also has USB tethering capabilities.

To my surprise, the USB tethering worked beautifully, you can read up on how to tether your Palm Pre as a

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WiMax/WiBro Routers Available in South Korea!

While Sprint is still trying to get WiMax up and running in America by year 2010, (that’s the year it should be available in every city in the US, according to a Sprint rep I talked to last week) South Koreans have been enjoying it for the last couple years and now they have a WiBro router that instantly turns any location into a WiFi hotspot with fast upload/download speeds than you can imagine.

Of course, you can pick one up in South Korea (and use it in South Korea only) but I can’t wait t

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