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WiFi Hack – How to Make a DIY WiFi Datalogger (Snooper!)

Here’s an interesting device that can log all the data off a wifi network.  Of course, you can probably use a PC to do the same thing but this one is portable and can act as a spy’s tool.  I bet FBI and CIA are already using something like this.

This could be a great way to track down if your wife’s cheating on you.  Of course, let’s not hope you are at that point ever.

This Instructable shows how to make a datalogger from an Arduino and datalogger shield connected to a TelosB wireless sensor board and a battery that is large, but not wheelba

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Wifi Hack – How to Build a USB Wifi Signal Extender! [Cantenna]

For those of you who barely can afford to live in this recession, you might at least be happy to learn that WEP hacking is easy (although it’s illegal and we don’t recommend it) plus you can build yourself a simple USB wifi signal extender so you make sure to pick up on that neighbor’s free wifi signal. [see Instructables]

Also see our

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Nerf Gun Hacked as WiFi/Bluetooth Sniffer!

Here’s an interesting nerf gun hacked as a wifi/bluetooth sniffer. Not sure what exactly its purpose it but it’s equipped with a tablet laptop, bunch of wifi/bluetooth dongles, and even Cantenna to extend the range of wifi/bluetooth terribly farther.  (Perhaps you can do some wep cracking with it.)

Having seen both

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WiFi Hack – How to Connect Multiple Mobile/Cellular WiFi Connections!

Right now as I write this blog post, I am uploading a 200MB video to YouTube on my virtual machine Windows XP(via USB Broadband) while using my main OS Windows 7 for the blog post (via Palm Pre USB Tether).

Now I officially carry three different mobile WiFi hotspot devices including a regular Sprint USB Broadband card, a USB/WiFi tethered Palm Pre, and a USB/WiFi tethered Nexus One.

So why so many devices?

I am a little frantic about this very website going down so

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WiFi Hack – How to Make a WiFi Jammer!

Okay, this blog post’s subject is on how to make a WiFi jammer.

Why in the hell would you want to do that?

Perhaps you are a professor who is holding a Final test for the quarter, the test room is filled with over 300+ people.  With the invent of so many WiFi devices, you can never be sure how many students might actually be cheating using a WiFi device to look on Google for test questions and answers.  Now, if you had a WiFi jammer to prevent WiFi connections during the test, you have solved at least one of the problems.  (And yes, broadband connection is a whole ano

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DIY HACK – HOWTO extend your Wifi Antenna by 2-3 times!


Wow, this is a cool wifi antenna hack. I knew it, those wifi companies were just selling us bunk extended Antennas just so they can charge $30 more…


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