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Satellite Dish Hack – How to Hack a Satellite Dish to Build a Long Range WiFi Antenna!

For those of you who need to setup your own long-range WiFi antenna, did you know you can recycle an old satellite dish into a long-range wifi antenna?   This could be great for setting up your own private WiFi network over open land and useful range could be up to 125 miles.

Besides that, you could probably even set it up to pick up some free WiFi around your neighborhood for sheezy.

Indeed, you can even use it to extend the range

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Sonoro Black Elements W Internet FM Radio + iPod/iPhone Dock!

You might have noticed this cool Sonoro Alarm Clock/Internet FM radio unit at your latest W Hotel stay.  Well, these are really cool, stylish devices that lets you listen to your favorite internet radio while being able to function as a traditional FM alarm clock/radio too.

The internal WiFi antenna embedded within the Black Elements W Internet FM Radio connects to internet via your home/office WiFi to bring you the best of internet radio without turning on your computer or messing with iTunes and WinAm

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iPod Touch 2G Hands On over at Engadget!

Well, it seems like the iPod Touch 2G is officially ready for the masses.

The main difference between iPod Touch 1G and 2G is that the 2G version is much more thinner with a glossier finish while holding much larger data storage of 32GB or 64GB.

I would buy the new version for the extra storage space but don’t know if anything else has really changed enough to be better.

The WiFi antenna looks much better integrated, the speaker doesn’t sound like complete trash despite not even having a

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DIY – How to Make a Conetenna WiFi Antenna that goes 18Mb at 300 yards!

Well, here’s a wifi antenna you can make that can do 18MB at 300 yards.

Now here’s a way to get some free wifi from your neighborhood, that is if you live in a metropolitan area AND you have a window to high-rise apartments.

This antenna performs better than the dish antenna I had built, so I’m happy with it. And maybe the world is a better place now that I’m not weilding a truly Buck Rodgers death-ray of an antenna!

From 50 yards, I’m almost getting a full strength signal. And at the shooting ran

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