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Verizon Hub Review, Is It Really Necessary?

Verizon is trying to market the new “home” communication center unit, the Verizon Hub.  Basically it’s a netbook, sorta, packed with broadband modem and ability to surf online plus many other features.

I think this is a really GREAT idea except it’s too far ahead of its time.  You have to be at the RIGHT TIME at the RIGHT PLACE and Verizon might be doing well in 2010 but I simply don’t see this taking off anytime this year, especially since this is the first version.  Of course, Apple-like marketing could deceptivel

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New Years 2009 Countdown Widgets!

More countdown widgets here

Well, here’s a list of bunch of cool New Years 2009 countdown widgets you can get for your blog:

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Zedomax.com Google FriendConnect!

Yey, Zedomax.com has added Google Friend Connect, you can connect with me at the bottom of this blog where you will find the Google Friend Connect widget. Thanks to DedeAndro for the tip on that.

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SiteHoppin Offers Better Click-Through-Ratio over Entrecard and Spottt!


Here’s a little explanation of why you should use a SiteHoppin Widget over Entrecard and Spottt.  SiteHoppin offers the best exchange ratio on the market today, drop Entrecard/Spottt and start using the best widget system on the internet today.

In short, SiteHoppin offers 1:1 exchange ratio, meaning we send you 1 unique visitor per 1 unique visitor you send us using the SiteHoppin widgets.

In comparison, Spottt offer 2:1 exchange ratio, meaning you only get 1 v

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WordPress HACK – How to widgetize your theme!

Well, I had to widgetize my old theme today but it was pretty simple:

Make a file called functions.php in your theme directory. (if you don’t have one yet)

Add the following code and save the file: if ( function_exists(‘register_sidebar’) ) register_sidebar(array( ‘before_widget’ => ”, ‘after_widget’ => ”, ‘before_title’ => ‘

‘, ‘after_title’ => ‘

‘, )); ?>

Then add the following anywhere you want to add dynamic widgets:

<?php if ( !funct

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WordPress 2.5.1 Released!

Yey, I hope that UTW tag import thingee is fixed now although I don’t have use for it anymore as I had to hack WordPress.

Check out the new features:

    Performance improvements for the Dashboard, Write Post, and Edit Comments pages. Better performance for those who have many categories Media Uploader fixes An upgrade to TinyMCE 3.0.7 Widget Administration fixes Vari

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DIY HACK – HOWTO drop more Entrecards than your neighbor!

Okay, if you want to be a dumba*s and don’t listen to people who are smarter, fu*k off and stop reading this post. If you are a smartass like me, then do listen carefully as I am going to show you how to shave 10 hours of your stupid ass “Entrecard” clickin’.

Simply goto SiteHoppin.com and choose “Entrecard” or the topic you desire. (Right now, we only have a couple Entrecard topics as we are still getting drunk but check back later for more topics)

Then, simply click on the “SiteHoppin” button an

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EntreCard WINS – EntreCard beats BlogRush in Alexa Reach, Rankings, and Traffic!

UPDATE, don’t use Entrecard, they are backstabbing type of people.

Entrecard and Blogrush both have customer service problems.  Blogrush died already and Entrecard will too soon. 🙂

Lately, I’ve been keeping a keen eye on my friend Graham Langdon, creator of Million Dollar Wiki. He has created a new site called EntreCard that allows bloggers to advertise for free on other blogger’s blogs. Basically, bloggers can trade 125×125 pixel ad spots.

Today, I got up a

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Entrecard, the new Business Card 2.0 and One Buck Wiki goes Buck Wild!

Entrecard is a new website where you can sign up and get a widget for your blog. You can network with other bloggers and also get free advertising.

Check it out! On the side note, One Buck Wiki has been going Buck Wild! (well, that’s an exaggeration, but sounds cool…) via One Buck Wiki Blog

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