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Super Gigantic Green Lasers Review 300mW to 600mW Green Lasers!


Hi all,

This is a special review of giant green lasers on the market today.

Since I was getting tired of my little measly 125mW green laser from DragonLasers, I was going to go on shopping for a super-giagantic laser that will fulfill my dreams. (So I can burn stuff from miles away from my 12th floor apartment without getting caught…)

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Crossfire EX 600mW

Wow, I was impressed with this

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Real LightSaber at WicKED Lasers!


Wow, this is the real thing, a lightsaber made out of dangerous, plastic melting lasers!

Check out all the cool videos at Wicked Lasers!

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DIY – Extra a High Powered Laser out of a Blu Ray DVD Player

You gotta check out wickedlasers, they make anywhere from a laser that’s simply visible to lasers that can melt plastic. In the HackedGadgets article, we can see how the high powered laser is being extracted from a blue-ray player. In short, DIYers and

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