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WiMax/WiBro Routers Available in South Korea!

While Sprint is still trying to get WiMax up and running in America by year 2010, (that’s the year it should be available in every city in the US, according to a Sprint rep I talked to last week) South Koreans have been enjoying it for the last couple years and now they have a WiBro router that instantly turns any location into a WiFi hotspot with fast upload/download speeds than you can imagine.

Of course, you can pick one up in South Korea (and use it in South Korea only) but I can’t wait t

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3.5G WiBro or WiMAX available and being used in Seoul, Korea (This guy is watching Joost on a bus!)


Okay, I was just jealous and had to post this. I want a WiBro card!!!  This guy is watching Joost on a bus, pretty clean compared to my slow Sprint Broadband card…

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UMPC Everun

After we got invited to Aving.net, it seems like we have so much more to post. (It feels like we are at the Maker Faire everyday now) Although you could just goto their website, it’s always better to mix it with some DIYs and HACKs at zedomax.com. (And we have other “bedding”, “stinky”, and “dabomb” news hidden at the bottom of our website) Also check out our newest site, Keetsa! blog, if you haven̵

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Future PC – the new ULTRA portable PC SPH-P9000

Here’s a cool samsung SPH-P9000 that you can take it with you without being a cumbersome laptop. It could probably fit in a handbag.  Even supports Wibro, which is hopefully coming to the US soon…

One of the Samsung team told, that this device will be on sail in 2 weeks in South Korea. The specification of Samsung SPH-P9000:

Wibro (Mobile Wimax) Maximum Data Rate: 10 Mbps (download), 3 Mbps (upload) CDMA2000 1x EVDO support OS: Microsoft Windows XP Display: 262144 color TFT WVGA (5″, 800 x 480) CPU: 1

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Wibro – Browse web pages on your cell phone @ DSL speeds!

WiBro will be coming soon to the US to let people browse web sites and blogs

@ DSL speeds. “Samsung Electronics, one of the major Korean developers of WiBro, Wednesday forged an alliance with three firms _ Sprint Nextel, Intel and Motorola _ for the launch of WiBro in the U.S.”

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