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Fridge Hack – How to Make a Chalk Fridge!

Here’s a cool way to transform your kitchen fridge into a big chalk board.  I highly like this idea except I’d like a whiteboard instead but still a good DIY to know.

So, how is a chalkboard fridge made? Very easily, in fact, as long as you have a bit of time to spare. You could finish the whole project, for instance, on a weekend if you started on Saturday night and spent most of Sunday intermittently painting the fridge.

You’ll need some coarse sand paper, masking tape, a small can of primer, and a bucket of chalkboard paint. My local hardware store only carri

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DIY – How to Make a Glass Whiteboard!

Here’s a really cool DIY that shows you how to make a glass whiteboard.  As fond of whiteboards I am, I will have to try this myself one day when I get a bigger house.

This instructable will show how to build a glass whiteboard that will never wear out and never ghost. The size I made mine was 28 inches by 54 inches and was NOT made to freestand as it would take up too much room in my sons college apartment. Total cost was a very reasonable $60-65, and took a weekend to build and finish (minus the time going to and from stores!). The glass

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DIY – How to Make Gigantic 8’x4′ Whiteboard!

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on gigantic whiteboards, instead you can make one yourself for about $40-50 by following this DIY.

Tileboard, Melamine or Showerboards can be used as whiteboard material I guess, that means you can make whiteboards of any shape and size for your home/work place.

This was particularly effective solution for Kicker since we needed a mobile whiteboard that was light, easy to move and carry up and down stairs. It’s something we can prop up against a wall, window, or stash behind a desk when not

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