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DIY Kinect Shopping Cart Follows Wheelchairs!

For people in wheelchairs, shopping with a shopping cart can literally be a nightmare (unless the store provides you with mobile shopping carts). Here’s a great DIY Kinect shopping cart device that aims to solve that and follows the person in the wheelchair all over the store.

wi-GO is a project that seeks to unite the technological knowledge and liability in the construction of a common path toward integration and improved quality of life. With the aim of building a barrier-free society, the project wi-GO is a robot system based on sensor technology Kinect that enabl

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MIT DIY Robotic Wheelchair is Smart and Learns your Environment!

Check out this awesome prototype Robotic Wheelchair that the MIT researchers have been working on and it might just change the way physically-challenged people get around town.

The Robotic Wheelchair uses voice commands to navigate the wheelchair itself (which is nothing new) but what is interesting is the fact that the Robotic Wheelchair will remember the places you go such as your living room, the bathroom, etc…etc…

In other words, it has enough intellect to “remember” the places¬† you go.

Unlike other attemp

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Motorcycle/Trike for Handicapped!

Wow, check out this cool motorcycle/trike for those handicapped people with wheelchairs!  This is going to be an awesome way to revolutionize wheelchair supported motorcycle industry.

Laws should be changed so every motorcycle manufacturer sells at least 1 like this for people in wheelchairs.

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