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iPhone DIY – How to Jazz Up iPhone 3Gs Videos with Titles and Whatnot!

Here’s a really cool iPhone DIY that shows you how to jazz up iPhone 3Gs videos with iMovie.  I am sure there will be an app for doing this later down the road but until then, you can use this method to quickly make your videos optimized for the iPhone 3Gs.

it’s so easy to do that I decided to whip up a quick tutorial showing how this works. You probably have a tool on your Mac that can do the job for you with just a few clicks, drags, and menu selections. iMovie is the perfect easy tool for creating full feature films (just kidding) from individual scenes shot with the

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Laptop DIY – How to Create a Mobile Laptop Desk in Your Home!

If you happen to be a laptop lover like me and take it everywhere with you including your bathroom, kitchen, and whatnot,  (Btw, I like to tweet in my kitchen while I use my bathroom for daily blog readering…) you might be interested in this mobile laptop desk with wheels, paper stand, and storage.

Not only the wheels give you advantage, the adjustable height makes it practical for you to be anywhere including your couch, bed, and etc… to get the job done right.

I also like the fact that this stand-alone desk might prevent your kids from using your laptop. (if you

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UV DIY – How to Make a UV LED Exposure Box!

I thought I’d post this cool UV LED exposure box since it “looked” super cool and there’s plenty uses for this hacked gadget.

The author of the DIY UV LED box made it orginally for PCB work and whatnot but you can also use it to “disinfect” your silverware and anything that need UV-disinfecting.

Anyways, great DIY and good for reference on your future DIY project.

A UV exposure box is an extremely useful piece of kit. It can be used to make proper PCB’s. It can also be used to make other things such as intricate photo etched par

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Savory Converts PDFs into your Kindle 2!

The Kindle 2 maybe one of the hottest and coolest gadgets this year.  Aside from its magnificent strategies to cut down on number of trees used for making books, the Kindle 2 is portable, energy efficient (with its LCD), and also free broadband connection via EDVO so you can buy and download digital versions of practically every new book that you’d normally get at your local bookstore.

Anyways, the only thing that SUCKS about the

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Twitter Hack – How to Keep Track of Your Cat with the Twitter Cat Door!

Most cat owners will realize that cats are “very” hard to keep track of.  What I mean is that your cat probably likes to hang out by himself/herself in the neighborhood and comes home for meals and whatnot.

Of course, not everyone has the luxury of living in a house (including me), but for those of you who do, you might just be able to benefit from making one of the cool Twitter Cat Door that will “tweet” whenever your cat

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Pyro Hack – How to Make Smoke Bomb!

If you were pyro-inclined like me back in middle school, you might have read “Poor Man’s James Bond” and tried making bunch of smoke bombs and whatnot.  Of course, nowdays you might want to be careful as people might mistaken you for a terrorist but heck, smoke bombs have always been pretty harmless, I don’t see why you shouldn’t make some.

About.com has a good deta

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Linux Web Server Hack – How to Write Automated Load Balancing Script!

Well, I have been manually managing the dedicated server for this site for last 2 years or so but I found a better way to automate the server so it doesn’t ever go down due to overload.

One of the common problems in dedicated servers is the fact that load can go out of control and your web server along with it, causing you to hard-restart the server.

A better way to deal with this over-load problem is to shut down the HTTPD server (web server) before your server

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DIY Car Repair – Titan Car Jack uses Exhaust Gas to Lift Cars!

Titan Car Jack uses Exhaust Air to Lift Cars!

Check out this new car jack that works by filling a big bubbly balloon-like device with exhaust gas.

It’s like a simple idea but noone has ever thought of it until Titan Exhaust Air Jack.

Now, don’t get strange ideas and try to kill yourself with the exhaust fumes.  That’s stupid and well very stupid thing to do…

The only real concern I have is that it’s still a “balloon” type device and could easily be punctured using a razor-sharp knife.  If I am un

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Watch Videos on the iPhone while Driving!(reflected off the dashboard of course)


Here’s a great idea for watching movies while driving using the iPhone.  Of course, if you get in an accident while doing so, don’t blame me.  I only told you that you “could”, but not that you “should” do that.

Now, it might be a good idea to use GoogleMaps on that dashboard if you don’t want to watch movies but drive efficiently to your destination.

Why don’t I feel better because he usually only uses his headset in one ear “so that I

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Motion-Activated Sprinkler Protects Against Rodents!

Here’s a funky motion-activated sprinkler that “sprays” at rodents and whatnot to protect your plants, lawn, garden crap.

This is the motion-activated animal deterrent that protects your flower beds, garden, and ponds from deer, raccoons, herons, or domesticated animals without using harmful chemicals or requiring unsightly barriers. Using infrared detection technology that is effective day or night, the device activates an integrated sprinkler when a visitor enters its 105° field-of-view, spraying a forceful yet harmless stream

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