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How to Fix Your Site Rankings If Google Panda Has Deranked your Website into an Oblivion!

In the recent months, I’ve been noticing less traffic coming to all of my blogs from Google.  Anyways, I thought it was because my site had too many ads or perhaps my content was “low-quality”.

Well, for about the last 2 or 3 weeks, I coudn’t figure it out, why are my rankings on Google tanking?

I even tried using Google Webmaster to see if I can get some answers directly from Google themself but no, I got an automated reply with a link to Quality Guidelines.

Anyways, I FIGURED OUT what Google Panda update is doing!

Google Panda is basically

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HTML5 DIY – How to Incorporate HTML5 and Flash Seamlessly into Your Website!

You know HTML5 has been making some breakthroughs including causing iPads to be vulnerable to disabling sites like Disney’s Pixar.  Hey, but there’s a solution (sorry, not an app) for that.

You will first have to learn a bit more about HTML5 and how it works.  Basically, you can use the new <video> tag which allows you to embed videos.  Read more about basics of HTML5 at WebMonkey, they have a great short

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DNS Hack – How to Check your Website on the New Server During DNS Delegation!

One of the biggest problems with moving your server to a new hosting company is when you move the DNS entries, it can take 12-24 hours before your DNS is fully transferred.  During that time, it might not be possible to check if your website has been moved over to the new server correctly.  Here, I show you how to point your computer’s DNS to your new server IP address in Windows so you can load your website on the new server while DNS is still being delegated throughout the interwe

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Website Design Hack – How to Test your Website for IE6 Browser Compatibility!

Thanks to invent of Windows 7, I no longer complain about how Vista sucks but I ran into one problem, that of testing my new blog designs on IE6 browsers.  I do have an Eee PC netbook that runs IE6 still but it’s a pain to boot my netbook just to check my blog designs on the IE6.

For those of you already enjoying Windows 7, there’s a cool little free program called IETester that will let you check your website’s c

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HACK – Trace Any IP Address Or Website!


Cool little hack using tracert command and www.ip-address.com. Trace the IP address down to a satellite image!

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