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Traffic Explosion with SiteHoppin

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DIY HACK – HOWTO Hack StumbleUpon using StumbleBots!

Well, I have never used these methods before, but I hopped onto it the other day so I might as well share it with the world.

There are 2 stumblebot sites, stumblebot.com and stumblebot.net.

Stumblebot.com is actually a software they sell for like $147, it’s sorta like those Craigslist automators.

It looks like it’d work pretty good. But I wouldn’t pay for it, I think StumbleUpon itself is becoming a big scam wh

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iTunes MediaWiki Theme v.0.1 for SiteHoppin’!

New theme for MediaWiki and SiteHoppin’ called the iTunes Theme for MediaWiki v.0.1 by Max! 🙂

Okay, details here on the drunken blog.

via SiteHoppin

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StumbleUpon’s new “secret” extension-less Toolbar is just like SiteHoppin.com

Wow, today I got up to see stats on SiteHoppin.com and found out StumbleUpon is “secretly” working on a new “extension-less” toolbar just like SiteHoppin.com.

It seems like the guys at StumbleUpon might have picked up SiteHoppin’s new ideas. We praise them for doing that since that confirms that we are on the right path. Why didn’t StumbleUpon come up with it earlier? (They came out with this new toolbar 18 days after public beta

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Edit your PDF files online – PDF Hammer

Cool, you can now officially edit PDF files online! Although I’d never do that. I’d edit the Word file that gets converted into PDFs. Google Docs is probably much better option than this.

Great though, with PDF Hammer, you can move around the pages. (I think that’s the most useful function out of this PDF Hammer thingee…)

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