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DIY HOWTO – Photography

Darrell submitted his site today for some link exchange with us today. I checked out his site and it’s kinda cool. Actually Garrett and I were talking over lunch at McDonald’s today that it would be really cool to make some “how to make a good digital photos” DIYs but here it is!

The one above is a photography howto that’s very simple. (What’s the difference between the photos

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Google Phone CONTEST – “What will it look like?” contest for 100 bucks!

The Google phone is supposed to be coming some time soon (hopefully) in the near future. We are having a contest for $100 US via Paypal for best Google Phone ideas. Kinda like the iPhone but we are giving back some of the small amount of money we made through advertisements. Just send your iPhone design to: max at zedomax dot com. The winner will be announced on May 5th, 2007, on

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ECOS LIFELINK – A Solar/Wind Water, Electricity AND Wireless Station

Check out the Ecos Lifelink that brings re-use of energy through solar power, wind power, water power. Even wireless is provided “re-using” that same generated power.

Awesome! (Save earth, peace! >- )

One of the most brilliant inventions we’ve seen to date is this mobile, portable structure which provides water purification, electricity and even wireless internet access – all through the power of the wind and the sun. The Ecos LifeLink was released earlier th

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Get paid $4,500 by Google to work on open-source projects!


Here’s a cool way to spend your summer and get paid if you are into open source projects! WordPress is among the projects that were accepted by Google. It seems like Google just has too much money to give away, why not take advantage of it?



Looking for something fun to do this summer? All college and university st

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DIY HACK PROJECT – Audio Spectrum using an Atmel AVR MCU!


Wow, check out this cool audio spectrum analyzer you can make using an Atmel AVR MCU! Well, I’ve always wanted to make one of these but finally found it at HackedGadgets!

This is an experimental work to monitor a spectrum pattern in radio band, and is a continuous project from Audio Spectrum

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Mechanical Hit Counter

Here’s a cool ethernet-enabled mechanical hit counter. It seems kind of over-powered using a relay but this can be a great source of information for similar applications.

So, when you ping salem, you’re actually hitting my firewall, which redirects ICMP type 8 (Echo Request) so the board, whose internal address is BX decodes the ping request and asserts a TTL output high for 50ms. This turns on the transistor, which fi

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Real-time audio driven drum controller


Wow, check out this awesome electronic drum controller that sorta mimics the Nintendo Wii controller without the controller…tight…

BillaBoop is a real-time audio driven drum controller which allows the user to control up to 3 drum instruments. The user can control any drum synth with the voice (beat box), or any object or musical instrument

[via] bilaboop

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Stretch Ferrari Limousine Made!

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Check out these guys making a stretch Ferrari Limousine by cutting up a Ferrari 360 Modena. Yikes, I probably be happy with a non-stretched one…

The motorsport press thought it was a big deal when Ferrari made their F1 car longer than last season’s by a couple of inches. Well, some nutjobs in a chop-shop somewhere have taken things a step further by hacking a perfectly good Ferrari in two and adding a few seats, turning out a gran turismo even longer than

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Spam-bot protection – Bad Behavior Plugin for Bloggers and Wikis

Here’s a cool plugin that seeks out malicious spam-bots before they even get to put a comment on your blog…  Our load on over servers were getting hectic so we had to use some type of plugin that will hopefully eliminate some of the 1000 spam comments we get everyday.

Right now it supports:

    DotClear Drupal Geeklog MediaWiki WordPress

via andewkuo.net

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FlyBook VM V33i


Wow, check out this cool laptop that can be converted into a small desktop.

Like its predecessors, the Flybook VM has a display that is capable of being positioned upward like a desktop LCD monitor. On the inside, you’ll find a 1.66GHz low-voltage Intel Core Duo processor, 512MB of RAM, 30GB HDD, Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi, and stereo speakers. Plus, it has an integrated VGA webcam for easy

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