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Motorcycle made out of WOOD for $2200!

I just got back from my first “real” vacation in a year and a half (where I went somewhere…) to Las Vegas! We drove about 10 hours there and almost veered off the road couple times from lack of rest and sleep BUT the good news is that I took a picture of this cool motorcycle made out of wood at the local gift shop near the strip. Cool… will someone buy it? This was the most expensive thing in the store. Free shipping… What a piece of art

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Cardboard finger tapping

Check out this cool cardboard finger tapping kit to waste away your precious breaks!

 For $7.99 you get a pre-cut and pre-creased hit that lets you make your own thing like hand, twist the arm at the side and watch it’s fingers do the walking (well tapping).

via coolest-gadgets

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Wagg It – Blog Voting Community

We have been messing around with Pligg, a digg-like social CMS (content management system). First we made wagthis.com hosted on Dreamhost but after running for a month the shared server seems to go down a lot. Since then, we made a new one with better hardware on wagg.it. (It took us like a month to register the domai

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Round-up HOWTO Links for the day

We’ve decided to do some round-up links for the day for the hell-of-it.

Check out How to fake a Web 2.0 logo for some hints on your next website’s new logo. Here’s Delicious bookmarking howto for anyone new to Web2.0 bookmarking. Check out HOWTO fight Companies Online

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