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Google bought the WHOLE country!

Google buys a European country Luxemburg for 37 billion dollars! Wow, I wonder what country they will be buying next. Well, eventually a lot of small countries will have to be renamed to Googleburg, Googlece, Googland, Googrea, Googpan, Googmerica…  This is much greater than Google buying a search algorithm from an Israeli student.

This is what Larry Page told us about it: “We were looking for a new place for our Eu

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Robot Chicken from Japan!


Wow, these are really cool robots…

via gizmodo

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Funny Robot Video


Here’s a funny robot video of a robot smashing some neighborhoods. 🙂

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Funny Roomba Comic Strip

Check out this funny comic strip about Roomba. hehe.

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Knight Rider for Sale!

Cool, my favorite TV show Knight Rider’s trans-am is for sale! Only 150Gs! 1 of the 4 cars used in the show. I saw one of these at Universal Studio back in 1989. (I think I have a picture somewhere and a VIDEO! I will post it soon)

They are sellin’ this in dublin, California, so if you are in the san francisco bay area, it’s only a 30 minute drive at the most!

Own a piece of Television history!** 1982 Pontiac Trans Am

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Banana Phone LG Cyon SV280

Cool, here’s a phone that pops up sorta like a banana. This is great idea. Maybe all cellphones in the future will become more and more rounderR

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1 Minute Can Cooler



Cool a can, bottle, or wine in 1 minute! Wow, this is freakin’ great for beers.  This thing is 90 times faster than your fridge and 45 times faster than your freezer at cooling your beverages.

Patented process chills by rotating the beverage while simultaneously spraying it with ice water. Will chill a 12 oz beverage can from 77 degrees to 43 degrees in about 1 minute. The process does not alter any beverage property like ta

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12 person Beer bong

Check out this funny lookin’ beer bong you can make 12 people get drunk at a really fast pace…

Twelve people try out the new 12-person beer bong created by Jeff Barton of Milwaukee (in orange). Barton, a staffing company employee, designed the contraption that weighs 600 pounds fully loaded and serves two beers per person when doing a group drink. It also has a beer bubbler.

via gadgetgrid

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Funny Alarm System for you car


I don’t know if this will be a safe option for alarm systems (in case it goes off when you don’t want it to) but it’s hilarious the way the steering wheel flops around…

via carchops

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World’s Fastest Rail Train TGV 574,8 KPH Inside Footage


Coool, this is the fastest rail train ever!

French TGV breaks own rail train speed record on april 3rd 2007, setting world record at 574.8 kph or 357.2 mph

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