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Why we are going to rank #1 for John Chow!

This is a test to rank #1 for John Chow on Google…lol…

Why? Why not… we like to hack everything that’s possible to hack, including google…

Our goal is to overtake pronetadvertising… will it work?

Honestly, we are really changing our blog’s theme to cover more of SEO, business ideas, and all the great stuff about Web 2.0…

Right! We will go change our URL title first…

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FCUK BloggingPro – Sell your Blog Themes, you deserve it and you worked hard Ben!

Hmm… looks like our friend Ben over at Blogging Experiment is pondering over whether to sell his customized WordPress Theme or not. I suggest him to incorporate in South Africa and don’t worry about what happens. Okay, that was a joke.

BTW, FCUK is a clothing line I like to wear, it stands for “French Connection United Kingdom“, so don’t be offended, it’s not the swear word…hah

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DIY – HOWTO Convert your Doc files to PDF for free using GoogleDocs

With all the craze with Google whatever, here’s another useful Google tool you can use if you haven’t yet.

Try out the GoogleDocs where you can convert almost anything to and from anything including your Word document to PDF.

Google will probably take over Microsoft one day in this arena. I am rooting for Google even though they are getting so big, at least they convert past technology into the Web.

In the near futur

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HOWTO Make Money Online like the Shoemaker!

Here’s a little story I made up tonight while talking to my girlfriend on how to find your niche market online:

Long time ago, before they had electricity in the Wild Wild West, there were cowboys and shoemakers. Cowboys killed bad guys and the Shoemakers made the best customized shoes in the whole Wild Wild West, which includes California, Nevada, Arizona, and couple other really dry states.

The cowboys only wanted shoes from this one shoemaker who practiced out of Dallas, Texas. He’s fame wasn’t grown by himself, it had been growing ever since his ancient relatives

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IPSOJobs – Post your job listing here – San Franicsco FREE Job Listing, kinda like Craigslist except quicker

Check out IPSOJOBS, it’s a new job listing website. It’s completely free and you don’t even have to sign up for an account.

You can check out San Francisco jobs here. Guess what? I am the administrator for the San Francisco listing!

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DIY WordPress HACK – Upgrade from WP-Cache and Get WP-SuperCache for your WordPress Blog

I was moving Bedzine, Keetsa, Sleepzine, Mattresszine, and Wagg.It to another server the other day and my WP-Cache kept stallin’ on me so I looked up go Google for a newer version. I found WP-SuperCache which is simply built on top of WP-Cache. Basically, the difference between the two is that the WP-SuperCache also creates a permanent

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Why BlogRush will die and EntreCard will exponentially grow!

Why BlogRush will die and EntreCard will exponentially grow!3

Update: Don’t use Entrecard, they are not to be trusted.

Here’s a quick post I did on the Net: (Digg It) Reason for this? I feel bitter about BlogRush about them saying crap about how people are cheating and on top it, I like this Graham Lang

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Zedomax.Net Web Traffic Services – Buy 300 to 500 visitors of Web Traffic from Us!

Hey, now we are offering web traffic services on Zedomax.Net. We can bring you about 300 to 500 extra visitors per day. You can see an example of it on Mike’s post on Bloggin-Ads. How much?  Just $200 for a month.  You try it for 1 month and if you don’t get at least extra 10,000 visitors, we will refund your money.

If you need a jump start for your new blog or online e-store, we could probably do it free. But if y

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New Logo for Zedomax Network!

The image “http://zedomax.net/zedomaxnet-logo.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Guess what I did all day today? I made a new logo for Zedomax Network. Actually the logo itself isn’t new. I made the logo when I was 9. (That’s almost 20 years ago!)

I just put slightly different colors to it. Well, any comments on it appreciated. Bring ’em on!

I am really trying to monetize this blog lately due to my recent joblessness. I will be incorporating soon so that’d be good for taxes, huh?

Check out the

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DIY HACK – PRANK on your boss’s Microsoft Excel if you don’t like him

Joe from HackNMod sent this hack where you can automatically close Microsoft Word when you victim type ‘E’. Just don’t blame me if you get fired. If you do get fired, you can start making whole bunch of paid wikis like me.

Check out the directions here:

What is the most common letter in the English language? E right? Well, what would you do if every time you typed “E” in Microsoft Word, it closed your

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