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Arduino Hack – DIY Ultrasonic Cat Water Dish Monitor/Twitter!


Check out this cool device that can monitor a cat’s water dish and also twits it to Twitter.

1. Arduino waits for serial communication from computer connected by USB. Upon request from the computer, it will take a water level reading and send it back. 2. The computer, an NSLU2 reflashed with Debian, sends a request every hour at “0″ minute for the current water level. It takes that level and creates a text file, the text file is then uploaded to t

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I am going to Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco!


(Do you like my new T-shirt?)

Well, sorry for no posts today, I will be going to the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, bringing my HD Aiptek to record some Web 2.0 stuff.

If you are going too, just look for the guy with “Zedomax.com” T-shirt, that’s me and I will be giving out freebie interviews to be posted on this site.

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PSP Hack – How to Use your PSP as a Status Monitor!

It looks like someone very smart figured out how to use your PSP as a status monitor.  Of course, I am sure you can customize this to per say, monitor your web server such as this one.  More PSP hacks here.


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Funny Googledoc or is it GoogleDocs?

Today, I was going to goto my GoogleDocs to edit a new Press Release for our new Beer Stock Market system on SiteHoppin. (Btw, I am on break today, so don’t shoot me for not having any gadget or DIY posts)

Here’s a fun experiment you can do for today. Go to Google and type “Googledoc̶

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Beer Stock Market – Internet User Venture Capital!

Hi all,I’ve been busy building this “online stock” market over at SiteHoppin.com.

Go check it out as we just launched it…and I need some rest from 5 straight days of ridiculous coding…

SiteHoppin Beer Stocks are “internet stocks”, we call IUVC (Internet User Venture Capital), that allow you to buy into our new company without having to invest millions, unlike

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Google Hacks – Google Cheat Sheets!

Did you ever wanted a cheat sheet so you fully utilize the power of Google? Well, Joe over at HackNMod sent this one in. Thanks Joe!

The Google cheat sheets cover the following info:

    A list of all Google domains Company information
      Founded Date Key People Revenue Employees Contact Address Contact Phone & Fax

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How to start your own 125×125 banner exchange!

I have been experimenting with many 125×125 pixel banner exchange programs including Spottt, Nuacco, 125exchange, and etc…etc…

What I have found in my study is that these banner exchange programs don’t work and will fail in the long term.


Because this system has been in place for a long time, it’s not a new technology.

If you don’t believe me, you can even go download a free version of

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Wow…. check out this contest! almost $8000 in cash and all you have to do in enter!

My blogger friend GyuTae over at WinningTheWeb.com is having the crazzziest contest with “real” cash prizes. All you have to do is enter:

Here’s how:

    Sign up for the free Winning the Web mailing list (required). This is necessary in order to enter the contest. I will never send spam and will only use the information to generate a contest participation list and to send occasional WTW updates. You may opt out at any time.

    Sign up now! Name: Em

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Blog Advertising – Beer Widgets for free traffic to your site!

Hi all,

I’ve been a little busy with building some beer widgets that give you free traffic to your site.

You can get these cool beer widgets that give you 50 Beer Credits which you can use 10 Beer Credits to get 1 unique visitor to your site.

In simple words, you send 1 click through the beer widget to SiteHoppin and SiteHoppin sends you 5 clicks. It’s the best exchange

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Sunday Entertainment Video – Amateur Google Songs


Check out some of these Google songs, including the one above. Hilarous!

via InsideGoogle

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