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Web Programming Hack – How to Redirect based on Domain Name Referrer or IP address!

My friend Josh over at Unconventional Marketing just pinged me via GoogleTalk on how to redirect your web site visitors based on IP address.   Well, I figure this might be great information for others as well so I found a solution.

This method will work well because you can redirect single web pages using PHP instead of using .htaccess.  I think php files are a lot more versatile and useful anyways.


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Web Programming DIY – How to Protect Yourself Against Image Hotlinking!

For those of you who run small websites on shared servers, you might sometimes run into problems where your images are “hotlinked” and your bandwidth stolen.  Here at Zedomax.com, we run a server farm so we don’t have bandwith problems so far but here’s 2 really great resources on how to protect yourself against image hotlinking:


Web Programming Hack – How to Replace Images at Time Intervals with Fading!

Here’s another cool web programming hack for you web developers out there, how to replace images at a set time intervals using jQuery.  Nice. – link

This post is somehow a continuation of our previous post on replacing images, but this post is one step closer to creating an image gallery using jQuery. In this post I will show you how to replace one image with another one in specific time intervals. For example: replacing image1.jpg with image2.jpg every 5 secon

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