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Flash Hack – How to Download and Save Flash New Years E-Cards using Flash Saver!

Do you want to save that flash New Years E-card on your computer and send it to someone?

Well, you can use Flash Saver to do just that.  Flash Saver lets you save the flash in any web page. Just make sure it’s not copyrighted if you are going to be posting it somewhere public like a blog or website.

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DIY USB Sound Card needs no XP drivers!

Here’s a great USB DIY Sound Card that NEEDS NO XP drivers. It’s plug-N-play. For a DIY project, very impressive and everyone should make their USB DIY “driver-less”.

Make a sound card is no more a complex issue. If you use great IC PCM2702 from BURR BROWN / Texas Instruments you can create a fully functional USB sound card. This sound card can be powered from USB port and has one stereo output. You don�t need to install any driver for Windows XP and

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