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Food Hack – How to Make White Castle Burgers!

I remember the first time I heard about White Castle Burgers down in southern California from one of my co-workers when I used to work at Comfile.

Anyways, I used to buy tons of White Castle Burgers since now they have them for sale at local Lucky’s supermarkets.

Here’s a good attempt at making these cool burgers yourself.  Good thing I just bought an

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Fashion DIY – How to Make a Purse out of Books!

If you need to buy a real bag, you might want to check out our Bag Blog, BagWhiz.com, otherwise, you can make your own cool Purse by re-using/recycling your old books.  Of course, it ain’t light by any means nor is it fashionable, but I’d admire someone who wears this than someone like Palin who spends outrageous money to look good. (I vote for skillz not what’s on the “outside”.  It’s always what’s insid

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