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Oyster Wave Energy Converter!

San Francisco will be investing some of its tax dollars to wave energy and boy, do we have the perfect gadget for that, an Oyster Wave Energy Converter!

I won’t get into details here other than that it looks very promising and will produce a LOT of energy that might simply wasted as waves for surfers.

When moved by waves, the device’

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Hair Hack – How to Create Crimp Waves using Straightners!


Here’s another cool hair hack showing you how to create crimp waves using straightners.

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SurfJet – Motorized Surf Board!

Here’s a surf board that needs zero waves for you to enjoy. You can now officially “walk” on water.

These surfjets are probably best for learning to balance on a surfboard.

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Surfjetin’ is surprisingly easy. The Malibu and Pacifica models are great for beginners and the Freestyle is for the H2O hotshots. They are all designed to be stable – even when you’re just catchin’ rays. When you start jettin’, you&

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Future Computer – “The Cup”

Check out “The Cup”, a future computer that you can “pour” information into and “spill” presentations, holographic images, etc…etc…

Great concept but it will be around year 2015 before we get to see one.

They envision a cup that literally pours information in waves of holographic images for your daily consumption. Have a big creative meeting? Then spill your thoughts onto the conference table. Found a lot of r

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Chemical free Mattress Cleaning System

Here’s an interesting industrial mattress cleaning system that uses no chemicals, just some pulsating waves and sucking.

Hygienitech’s® Mattress Cleaning System is based on a powerful, specially engineered portable cleaning device that generates incredible suction and high frequency pulsating waves, combined with a germ killing UV-C light* to pulverize and extract the dust mites and other harmful debris that have accumulated in the mattress.

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