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Langlee Wave Energy to Power Converter!

Back in 2009, we did go over the Oyster Wave Energy Converter, here’s another good candidate for converting ocean waves into energy.

Imagine this, earth is made up mostly of water and even if we utilized a small number of the raw power from waves, we could essentially power the whole earth! The only problem? The cost to make these wave energy converters. At first, it’s going to be billions of dollars but in the long run wave energy could be powering everything at cost of almost

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Oyster Wave Energy Converter!

San Francisco will be investing some of its tax dollars to wave energy and boy, do we have the perfect gadget for that, an Oyster Wave Energy Converter!

I won’t get into details here other than that it looks very promising and will produce a LOT of energy that might simply wasted as waves for surfers

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