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How to Make Your iPad Waterproof with Dry Case!

For those of you with an iPad or any 10.1″ tablet device and you want to take it to the beach or near the water, there’s a cool gadget for that, this Dry Case comes with self vacuum-sealing technology so your tablet device will stay dry up to 100 feet in the water.  Pretty good idea, I think many will find this very useful.

Press Release:

Wilmington, NC (April 2011)—Dry Corp has been receiving a large number of inquiries lately regarding whether or not their DryCASE Tablet will work with the iPad 2.

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Waterproof AM/FM Radio!


Do you need to listen to the radio, even in the pool or spa?  Well, there’s something safer than having your regular AC-plugin radio next to you, get this waterproof (water-resistant in fact) AM/FM radio that will let you listen to your favorite radio station for hours without getting zapped.

via techfresh

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