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Water Proof Power Strip Will Save Your Baby/Toddler!

Here’s a power strip that makes you think, “why didn’t someone invent this earlier?”

Yup, the water-proof power strip from Wet Circuits ($35) might be the world’s safest power strip as you can dip, splash, and will keep your gadgets running.  Got children?  No worries, safe-guard against baby/toddler electrocution by using these power strips, really, why not be an early adaptor and take advantage of it?

How does it work? Watch the video below:


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Fujitsu F706i is a water-proof TV Phone that will be here in about 3 years!

While us US consumers are still paying big bucks for outdated technology from various telecommunications carriers, people over in Asia and Japan are enjoying the water-proof TV Phone…  Expect TV phones in the US in about 3 years.  The current TV phones in the US don’t count, they are based on broadband connection not radio.

Fujitsu F706i is like the G-Shock of mobile phones, unfortunately it is only waterproof and not torture proof so it cannot handle a 6 feet drop. Like many Japanese phones you can watch TV on it, the clamshell’

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Hydra: Cheap, Wet MP3 Player

Here’s cool water-proof MP3 Player!

The Hydra supports WAVs, ACTs, WMAs and MP3s, sports a decent-looking LCD and transfers songs via USB drag ‘n drop (not certain about iTunes support). And at $39.99 for the 1gb model and $69.99 for 2gb, the Hydra is a cheaper option than most waterproof cases out there. Now we just need an explanation for why our rented tux smells like chlorine.

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