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Spies Need Watches!

Max’s Note – Here’s a rather cool watch that will make you look like James Bond!

Nothing says, “Why yes, I am an international man of mystery, but I also dabble in subterfuge as a successful spy”, like a good watch. And, the Men’s Sea Spider Special Edition Swiss Quartz Chronograph from Invicta Watches comes in black ionic-plating finish dark enough to add a touch of intrigue to whatever you’re wearing.

This watch isn’t just for show or seduction, though. With a stainless steel case, anti-reflective crystal, and polyurethane bracelet

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Spy Watch!

Ever since I was young, I have been facinated by the number of spy gadgets out there and this Spy Watch is another one of those cool watches that your kids might enjoy.

    Includes tools for all missions! The ultimate spy watch for the serious spy! Features 8 functions in 1 watch Has a motion alarm with time stamp Comes with a built-in decoder, secret paper and a wake up alarm

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DIY – How to Make Watches!

If you’ve ever wondered how watches work and how they are made, you might want to consider reading some of the following articles:

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Black Friday Jewelry/Ring Coupons for Bidz!

One of the best jewelry deals is Bidz.com.  I have personally, recently bought a 3-carat diamond ring for a friend at just $300.  I received it yesterday and it was as good as it said, worth about $4000.

Anyways, if you are looking for good deals, try Bidz.com, they might not have the ring or necklace you are looking for but then again, if they do, you will get a good deal.

Here’s an excerpt that I wrote yesterday on the

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DIY Steampunk Watches!

Here’s an incredible Japanese master of DIY Steampunk Watches.

If you happen to love steampunk, prepare to be amazed by this outstanding collection of steampunk watches created by master watchmaker Haruo Suekichi.  What started as a weekend business hawking watches at the fleamarket has developed into an full time business.

via hacknmod, Interview Page

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Encoder Rings let you save some binary data…

First of all, if you are into rings, you should really check out our Ring Blog where we featured all types of interesting rings, diamond rings, casual rings, and more.

Back to the story, this Encoder Ring can basically store up to 64 characters using binary numbers.

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Binary Rings for Geeky Girlfriends!

This Binary ring might do the job for pleasing your super-geeky girlfriend who talks in terms of 0s and 1s rather than numbers or words.

Okay, the joke apart, you can actually “code” your favorite numbers into the binary ring for remembering special dates, etc…etc…

Now, for guys, we do have these two watches:

Tokyoflash Binary watch

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Mosquito Repelling Ultrasonic Watch!

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, you will see more bugs trying to live off your blood.

You can protect yourself by getting one of these mosquito repelling ultrasonic watches for about $37, not a bad investment if you are going to be outdoors this summer.


    Utilizes ultrasonic frequency Odorless mosquitoes repellent No chemicals No harm to humans or other animals Avoid mosquito-borne diseases, such as West Nile virus (WNV), yellow fever and dengue Range: up t

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Diesel Scrolling LED Watch!

Yey, it looks like more watch manufacturers are picking up on LED watches.  Does that say, 4:20???

Buy it for $170 over here.

Each watch tells time using a scrolling red LED dot-matrix display which floats behind a curvy, shiny electroplated exterior. In addition to showing the time and date, you can program the display to display a custom message of up to 20 characters.

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Veldini Q – The James Bond Wristwatch!

You might want to check out the Veldini Q James Bond style wristwatch if you are into spying on other people.  Make sure to check out all the other cool watches at zedomax.com.

The spy tools include a set of pick locks, a glass cutter, a blade, and much more. For everyday use, this 007 watch features a mirror, a blade, bottle opener, and more. The watch also echoes the design of the hammer mechanism of 007’s Walther PPK pistol, which releases the previously mentioned card. Currently the ‘Q’

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