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What Happens When You Throw a Brick into a Washing Machine! [Weekend Joy]

Do you ever what would happen if you threw a brick into a washing machine?  Apparently, total destruction of the device and some good laughs.

See video after the jump.


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Waterproof USB Flash Drive 8GB!

For those of you who like to swim or simply like being in water, you might be happy to learn that there’s a waterproof USB flash drive with 8 gigabytes of memory and according to one review:

It is fast, cheap, and has lots of storage. I accidentally sent it through the washing machine and it still works just as good. It can be a little bulky to get into crowded USB areas, but other than that no complaints.

can even withstand a washer!


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Top 5 Cool Twitter Hacked Gadgets!

Well, I’ve been slowly blogging and twittering over at TweetHacking.com, here’s the Top 5 cool twitter hacked gadgets for this last week:

Botanicalls is a ethernet device that lets you monitor your plants via Twitter.  For example, if your plant needs to be watered, you will get a tweet for that.  I highly like this one as there’s going to be a slew of apps related with gardening for Twitter.

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Control Alt Delete Sofa Pillows!

You will want to “reboot” your sofa with these awesome Ctrl+Alt+Del pillows, just $10 at Etsy.

Reboot your livingroom with this three pillow set. Light gray pillows look as if they’ve jumped right off your keyboard.

Set of three pillows. Made from Eco-Felt (100% recycled Plastic bottles!) these 12″ pillows are soft yet durable. Backs have envelope enclosures so the pillow inserts can be removed for easy washing. Machine wash cold with like colors t

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TweetHacking.com Launched – Twitter Hacks, Gadgets, and More!

Well, over the weekend, I’ve noticed how “fast” Twitter is growing, especially this year.  And I’ve also notice how many new DIY Twitter gadgets have been popping up at Zedomax.com and elsewhere so I’ve decided to open a new blog dedicated to Twitter Hacks for Twitters, TweetHacking.com. Here’s the first few posts from the new

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Washing Machine Hack – How to Make a Generator from Washing Machine Parts!

Here’s a really fun DIY that shows you how to make a generator from your old washing machine parts.

Sounds like a great deal for me if you can somehow recycle energy with this method.

Someone at some point discovered that these also make near perfect generators with great efficiencies, especially at lower speeds. These have also been found to have numerous other advantages.

via hackaday

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Concept Washing Machine is also a Lounge Chair!

If you thought someone could come up with a good design for a lounge chair that can also wash clothes while you sit on it, this is the one.

Designed by Harsha Vardhan from New Delhi, India, the Alternative Clothes Cleaner is a conceptual washing machine that doubles as a large seat. It has two modes, active and passive, though both will allow you to sit atop the unit. No detergent or water necessary here, either — the inner chamber acts as a pressure washer and cleans the clothes with ionized air instead. That means no drying, too.

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