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Drum DIY – How to Make Drums from Can of Crackers!

I own a set of drum sticks, not a drum set.  Honestly, I cannot afford real drums, although I have been really thinking of getting electric drums soon.

Hey, but there’s a better way, why don’t we recycle can of crackers and make some drums?  I might have just found a way to save myself

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iPhone Might Be Coming to Verizon and CDMA?

Finally!  There’s some rumors that the iPhone might be coming to Verizon, or CDMA networks that is.  As good as the iPhone is, AT&T has reached too far into consumers’ wallets, knowing their network sucks.

Anyways, this is good news as Verizon and Sprint have proved that their broadband connection is 2-5 times faster than their GSM competitors.  I will definitely get an iPhone if it’s available on a CDMA network, otherwise I will have to keep ranting about how

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Recycled Bike Chain Bowl

Cool bike chain bowl… Kinda pricey though at $88… Any discounts for bloggers? or blog readers?

This ingenious bowl is handmade in Oregon using real recycled bicycle chains. The perfect gift for the biker in your life, it holds anything from wallets and keys to potpourri.


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