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Wagg It – Blog Voting Community

We have been messing around with Pligg, a digg-like social CMS (content management system). First we made wagthis.com hosted on Dreamhost but after running for a month the shared server seems to go down a lot. Since then, we made a new one with better hardware on wagg.it. (It took us like a month to register the domain name through a european registry but we were finally able to get it working…)

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Blogging, a Tax Deductable Home Business?

Is blogging a tax deductable home business? You betcha your mom’s house!

UPDATE: This is information for the U.S., other countries may have similar tax laws 

As we all know, tax returns are coming soon. I just bought this book on home business tax deduction that tells you that as long as you can prove that you are making some money and you are trying to, you can write off stuff for taxes! (Yes, screw the federal government just for these months!)

Well as

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Some FReAKY Overclocking Chip Cooler


Here’s a cool video of a freaky overclocking chip cooler from CES.

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CES Video – Keyboard that lights up


Wow, this is one cool keyboard I wanna get.

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RSS Feeds coming to life…


Here’s a video from CES 2007 showing RSS Feeds coming to life from your computer screen to a physical LCD on your desktop. This shouldn’t be too hard to make but maybe making like a podcast device would be…

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CES Video – Roomba Carpet Printer


This would be great for making some custom images on your carpet!

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Video DIY – Use Lemons as Batteries

Here’s a cool video of using lemons to power an LED! (which is about 1.8 to 3V!)

Now, how many Lemons do we need to power a 60 watt light bulb?

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Nintendo Wii Hacked – CUSTOM Built Wii Laptop!


Yes, take a Nintendo Wii and put some creativity with some work to get a custom built wii laptop!

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Plug and Play SPA Color Changing LED Lights

Here’s a cool gadget for those who own spas, it’s a color changing LED bulb that will replace your exisiting spa light. via wagthis

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DIY – LED Shirt!

This one has been around but it’s too cool.

Cool LED Shirt you can make yourself!

design 1. Pick a garment to sew on, a pattern that will let you sew your own garment, or design your own pattern.

2. Design your display. decide on the number of LEDs you want and their general placement. This will depend on the garment you chose and the microcontroller you intend to use as well as how you

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