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Wii Video – Wiimote Controls Entire House

[gv data=”beZC2gpFN7I”][/gv]

Yes, someone evidently is controlling their entire house with a wii controller. Nice!

The true mastermind here is the WACI NX control server that sets everything up, and the entire Wii interface can be emulated with a Nokia 770, as shown. The amount of convergence, and the merit of using the Wiimote as a remote controller, is very clever



Aurora Multimedia’s WACI PAD-6 dynamic button controller

Wow, this little button controller is actually a powerful little device for your wall. It’s got a web server, 64MB of RAM, well it really is a small powerful embedded computer that you can plug into a wall…WOW!

Looking to hop into the home automation game, but don’t feel like installing a computer in your wall or throwing down for a snazzy remote? Aurora Multimedia feels your pain, and with its recently launched Dynamic Button Controller, can take over

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