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iPod Dice Speakers!

Here’s an innovative product, iPod dice speakers that are small yet portable so you can listen to music wherever you go without using earbuds.

Buffalo Japan has announced the BSSP05I Dice speaker for the iPod. Available in a variety of colors the dice shaped active speaker draws power from the iPod delivers an output of 1W and features volume control.

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Apple In-Ear Headphones Review!


(Apple In-ear Headphones Earbud & Earbud case)

Yes, as promised before in my Apple In-ear Earphones review, I got hands on the new in-ear headphones today.

The very first thing I noticed are the nice cases for earbuds and the headphones themselves.  (I bet I just paid half of the money for that!)

(Apple In-ear Headp

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Music-Syncing iLit Diamond LED Speaker System!


Wow, here’s a really cool LED speaker system that syncs to your favorite music with it’s diamond shaped LED lights.  (It’s currently sold out but wait a little and they should be in stock again.)

Now, if you want to build one yourself, refer to my music-syncing light orb DIY for a start.

iLit stereo speakers put on a mesmerizing LED light show

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Crank TV Remote with No Battery!

Here’s a prototype TV remote that works by user squeezing the handle to generate little itty bits of electricity to change the channel or the volume. Nice work, this might be the start of many other battery-free remote controls.

This is the No Battery Remote Control by the SMK Corp. it works on the principal similar to one of those toy ray guns, where the user squeezed the trigger a few times and it began to light up the lights and mak

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Egg Speakers!

Remember we had a guy who designed the “egg” phone? Well, here’s “egg” speakers. Speaking of eggs, whatever happened to eggheads the retailer? (I guess they went bankrupt back in 2001…)

More pics after the jump.


Extension tube: Small in size but big in bass Tumbler Design: Relaxing yourself Pocketsize portability: Small enough and carry around on a daily-basis Volume

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