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Medea Vodka with Programmable Scrolling LED Message

It looks like Medea Vodka is trying to promote their Vodka with its latest programmable scrolling LED message so you can personalize the message for your friend’s birthday and whatnot. I think this is a great idea, you can check their site medeaspirits.com to see if it’s available near where you live.

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Food Hack – How to Make Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving!

Well, Thanksgiving is just around the corner now, here’s a cool food hack that shows you how to make pumpkin pie.  I am sure many of you already know how to make it but if you don’t, here it is.

Pumpkin pie is the king of Thanksgiving and Christmas desserts, and this recipe will easily get even your most over-stuffed guests thinking about a second slice.

This pie is adapted from a Cook’s Illustrated recipe (Nov. & Dec. 2008, #95), and contains a couple of secret ingredients that are delicious and will ensure requests f

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DIY – How to make a Soju Lamp

Similar to the previous post, here’s Zedomax Soju Lamp. The great thing is that I didn’t even TRY to make it, it was just there from my dedication to drinking daily while blogging. (Yes, if you are over 18, we recommend this route. Make sure to have a companion while drinking. DWC – Drink with a companion) Although I drink beer mostly, sometimes I resort to Soju because it’s only 16% alcohol and let’s me drink less thus not getting a beer belly. Plus, soju does give you better ideas an

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DIY – How to make a Cloud LAMP!!!

Wow, check this out, you can make a cloud lamp using your old vodka bottle! cheers!

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