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“Your credit balance is over the limit” – Vodafone & Verizon E-Mail Virus/Spyware!

Here’s a quick alert for those of you on Vodafone or Verizon getting e-mails such as “Your credit balance is over the limit”.  I guess it’s an e-mail scam to download some malware to your computer so just mark it SPAM!

Anyone who does happen to download the so called Balance Checker will open up a backdoor in their computer where other malicious software can be downloaded from the Zbot botnet.

“There is a danger that unsuspecting mobile phone owners might fall for the trap, perhaps co

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HTC Magic Android Phone Hands-On Video Review!


Here’s the first-look at the new HTC Magic Android phone for Vodafone.  Looks pretty good to me, very similar to the G1 Phone, duh~

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iPhone Hack – How to Hack the iPhone to Work in Any Country!

For most of you outside the U.S., if your country’s telecommunication company doesn’t support the iPhone, you can still hack it to work using TurboSim.

Dreamstrikes.com has a great DIY hack article on how to do this step by step.

Of course, if you live in South Korea where SIM cards are not supported, this might not work…

With the price of the 8GB iPhone dropping to $US399 ($AU483) overnight , how can anyone resist the temptation of buying one and hacking it to work in Australia? Here’s the step-by-step on how

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BlackBerry Storm 9500 Review – Coming Soon to UK with Vodafone and Phone 4U!

Well, while we are still waiting for the Blackberry Storm in the U.S. from Verizon, (and bunch of people are actually pre-ordering online from

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iPhone HACK – How to Unlock iPhone 3G with SIMable!

SIMable can unlock iPhone 3G!

SIMable is a little chip you can put on your SIM card/chip to unlock your phone.  Apparently, you can use this for unlocking a iPhone 3G.

I have tried every option so far and none of them worked but I got a sample pack a fe

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Blackberry 9500 – Touchscreen Thunder!

Well, it looks like the Blackberry revolution will be here soon to compete against the iPhone. Of course, Verizon and Sprint networks are so much faster, that’s the only reason I’d use it over the iPhone.

The Boy Genius has a bunch of new details on the upcoming touchscreen Blackberry, including the interesting tidbit that it’ll be a lifetime exclusive on Verizon in the US and Vodafone in Europe. It’ll have a mere four physical keys and will run on 3G EV-DO Rev. C as well as GSM HSPA for international use. No word on when t

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