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Sonar DIY – How to Make Sonar-Like Radar Visualizer for an Ultrasonic Scanner!

Good morning!  Here’s a rather interesting DIY that shows you how to make a sonar-like radar visualizer for an ultrasonic scanner.  Now, I th

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Analogue Video Synthesizer-VGA Expropriator

[gv data=”20yIk3s6M2I”][/gv]

I picked up couple broken monitors at the garbage can nearby where I work last week. (Yes, I am such a el cheapo, I have to go to the dumpster for some hackable parts. Regardless, I also found some PCI serial cards which I needed badly for FREE!) Well, I am planning on some visualizing device…and this VGA expropriator might help me…

Play the video to check out the cool effects of the

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