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USB Hacks – How to Remove Auto-Play Spyware/Virus From USB Flash Drives!

Sometimes, manufacturers can ship their USB flash drives with spyware or virus by accident. (or someone has hacked it on there)

Most of these spyware/viruses can be rather easy to remove with some DOS command skills.  Usually, they involve running off the Autorun.inf, which runs the moment you connect the USB flash drive to your Windows computer.

Just delete that file and you should most likely be fine to go.

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“Your credit balance is over the limit” – Vodafone & Verizon E-Mail Virus/Spyware!

Here’s a quick alert for those of you on Vodafone or Verizon getting e-mails such as “Your credit balance is over the limit”.  I guess it’s an e-mail scam to download some malware to your computer so just mark it SPAM!

Anyone who does happen to download the so called Balance Checker will open up a backdoor in their computer where other malicious software can be downloaded from the Zbot botnet.

“There is a danger that unsuspecting mobile phone owners might fall for the trap, perhaps co

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Obama to Ditch His RIM Blackberry for a Windows Mobile Phone? – I “Hope” NOT!

Well while I *thought* for sure that Obama would be keeping his blackberry with special encryption provided by the NSA, that’s not the case and Obama might be ditching his RIM Blackberry for a Windows Mobile phone.

Now, when you think of stability of security, do you think of anything *Windows*???

Arghhh, this might be the worst decision ever if the President does decide to go with a virus-susceptible Windows p

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HPV – Human Powered Vehicle or Cool Bike we say


Wow, there’s so much stuff still to come from our Maker Faire 2007 coverage. It’s like a massive virus or a bomb that hasn’t released itself yet…

With all the cool bikes we’ve covered in the past, this is probably the coolest bike, well at least the most technological “lookin'”. I am not exactly sure where this bike is from, I think we’ve covered it before but… it’s cool~

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How to get rid of Computer Viruses

Here’s an update on howtogetridofthings.com from last week.

They have re-worked their site, now it’s called howtogetridofstuff.com.

The news is that their new site looks very cool and here’s a link to how to get rid of computer viruses

including free virus software, not just downloadable for free.

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