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GoogleMaps Hack – DIY Exercise Bike uses GoogleMaps as Virtual Map!


Here’s a rather cool hack where the hacker uses his bike as a GoogleMaps Virtual Map.  Using Vuzix iWear as display device while he’s cycling (around the world) on GoogleMaps, this simple hack shows how far GoogleMaps Street View can be applied for adding a little fun to your next workouts.

It’s still in th

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Smartphone DIY – How to Make your Own Virtual Reality Google Streetview Device!


Want to experience the streets of San Francisco downtown or maybe even New York and Paris?

Look no further than your own smartphone such as an iPhone, HTC Magic, or even a Palm Pre.  You can get some cardboard boxes and make this simple virtual reality Google streetview device and experience the world!

LMAO, I can see a bunch of people doing this already, I might try this later today and post a video perhaps.

Using an HTC Magic and Google Street View we’ve made a simple pair of virtual reality goggles tha

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Mobile 30″ Cinema Glasses!

Mobile 30

Virtual Reality is now a reality with the Mobile 30″ Cinema Glasses which will project 30″ of widescreen display when you wear it.  This would be awesome for racing car games.

Mobile Personal Cinema glasses are a stylish Head Mounted Displays which project a virtual screen of 30″ right in front of your eyes. The glasses also have a built in Audio for surround sound experience.

via gadget-crazy

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RideMaster – Virtual Horseback Riding Trainer!

If you are into riding horses, you will not want to miss out on the RideMaster,a virtual reality for horseback riding.  They even got racing-horse simulators and polo simlators for advanced riders.

The £40,000 virtual reality riding machine combines a mechanical horse with a host of electronic sensors and a screen, to recreate the joys of an outdoor ride without the need for mucking out.

The Ridemaster Pro, which is made by Racewood Simulators, is proving a hit with those who live in

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DIY – How to Make a Wireless Accelerometer Mouse Pointer!


This is a great project for your school final project.

Human Interfacing Device is key area in modern electronics era. Gesture recognition can be well introduced in modern day computers to play 3-D games. Virtual Reality is not far away from our doorsteps. Simple inertial navigation sensor like accelerometer can be utilized in getting Dynamic or Static acceleration profile of movement to move cursor of mouse or Gyroscope to even rotate 3-D object. We propose a technique on same principle to convert acceleration profile of acc

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3D Interaction Glove

Here’s something you can fondle with. The 3D interaction glove offers some virtual play with your hand, wrists, and more.

You use the glove to control a virtual hand, and using either vibration pads or an exoskeleton, the glove creates resistance when your virtual hand encounters a virtual object.

Originally developed for the military and now targeted at designers and engineers, the VirtualHand glove isn’t (yet) directly available for gaming or long distance relationships. Immersion does off

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Virtual Reality Backpack

Check out augmented reality backpack from Tinmith! This seems almost like a physical layer of Second Life.

Welcome to the new Tinmith backpack 2006. As you can see from the images of our previous systems below, the new version is lighter and more robust than ever! We have taken our eight years of experience in the field and built a system using the best components that are currently available. We have designed our own custom housing to make the syste

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