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HULK Green Laser Video and more FREE Green Lasers!


As you can notice, we have added a new category to our blog, Green Laser, due to overwhelming responses for Green Lasers.

Anyways, here’s the latest HULK Green Laser Video, sent to me by Frank at DragonLasers.com. (Thanks Frank!)


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Free Dragon 95mW Viper Green Laser for Top Commentator This Month!

Yes, we made money off you reading our stuff so we decided it’s time to give back and DragonLasers are hooking us up with a free Dragon 95mW Viper Green Laser but we will give it out to the top commentator this month. For those of you who haven’t been reading Zedomax, you can still win one but looks like girrrrrrrr2 and Brian are really on it.

Yes, this Dragon Laser is worth $199.99! so get your comments on now! 🙂

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125mW Viper from Dragon Lasers!


This is the video of a real 125mW Viper Green Laser from Dragon Lasers. You know, we have an advertisement for Dragon Lasers… well… they didn’t even PAY for advertisement but I just decided to give them free advertisement because their lasers are so cool! Frank from DragonLasers sent me this 125mW Viper Green Laser and I have been playing with it for couple months. (Yes, these things do go like for 3 miles in any direction!) I have still yet to figure out real purpo

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Viper robot Kit using PIC16F876

Here’s a cool viper robot kit for under 100 bucks, which is a pretty good deal for a microcontroller robot. Hmmm…I wonder if Saelig will send me a sample…similar to the Parallax Boe-Bot (Garrett just got one of these, it’s tight!  We are gonna hack it though very soon…)

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